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SAVE Enkh-Uchral EYE

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ORGANIZER: Laurence/Wayne/Brad/Taff/Russel

Tania De Silva


Laurence/Wayne/Brad/Taff/Russel Orica wrote -

Enkh-Uchral, two year old daughter of
Orica employee needs your help to SAVE HER EYE
Enkh-Uchral lost her left eye and needs your help to save her right eye.
Enkh-Uchral was born on 20th of August, 2010. Enkh-Uchral was very healthy and an energetic girl. In 2011, Enkh-Uchral attended a local clinic to treat an eye condition, due to remoteness and lack of professional medical services, the seriousness of her eye condition was not diagnosed by the local medical facilities.
After commuting over 2,000 km on a dirt road to the capital city of Mongolia, it was then diagnosed to be a malignant tumour/cancer in her left eye and it was then advised urgent surgery would be required. Unfortunately this type of operation could not be conducted in Mongolia, Enkh-Uchral had to be transferred to the Samsung Medical Centre in Korea. The cost (US$21,000) of the surgery is three times of her father’s annual salary.
Due to the severity of her illness, Enkh-Uchral needs ongoing medical treatments to ensure that her right eye can be saved.
Enkh-Uchral needs to have a second surgery for inserting an artificial left eye and preventing further medical complications to the left side of her face. This surgery needs to be conducted in November. Also, she would require follow up treatments for cleaning the artificial eye and these are required every six months. The second operation cost is US$12,000 and the ongoing six-monthly treatments will be costly for many years to come.
Due to lack of specialised doctors and medical facilities in Mongolia, Enkh-Uchral has lost 1 year in treatment that may have prevented the loss of her left eye.
This Movember, The Orica Mongolia Movember Team consisting of Laurence Goodacre, Wayne Wrigley, Brad Mackay, Russell Foyle and Francis (Taff) Williams need your support to help Enkh-Uchral to be able to SEE in the future.



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