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Help democracy in Hungary! Save the only independent radio, the Klubradio!

The freedom of speech and press is threatened by the government; there are only a few independent media left in Hungary!

An attempt was made with legal tricks to withdraw the broadcasting license from the only independent radio station in Hungary, the Klubradio. And the advertising customers of the Klubradio are meanwhile so intimidated by the government that most of them do not dare to advertise there!

Thus, Klubradio has hardly any revenue but the transmission costs remain very high. In this financial emergency there is no money for staff. The dedicated journalists have been working for a long time without pay as the 200.000-400,000 daily listeners are waiting for their news. Bankruptcy is getting closer every day and with it not only Klubradio would perish but also a big part of the democracy in Hungary.

We are scared already now by the aggressive extreme right wing anti-Roma demonstrators and the burners of the European flag, the undemocratic appointments of the leaders of the Central Bank, the data protection authority and the justice, daily new undemocratic laws, the openly anti-Semitic attitude in society and the Parliament, the harassment of independent media, the spreading poverty and the hostility towards the European Union. Mass demonstrations and the warnings of the EU did not help much.

Have your say - and consider a donation! The more you give, once or monthly to cover the transmission costs and the salary of the journalists, the longer the Klubradio can talk the language of democracy and freedom – also for your freedom!

Even if the broadcasting license were withdrawn, the program will continue to spread through the internet or cable or satellite. Your one-time or monthly donation definitely makes sense - and especially in the worst hardship - like now.

You are in good company. Many of the leading Hungarian and European intellectuals have already signed protests, took part in mass demonstrations. Protest songs such as "Nem tetszik a rendszer" and others were seen by millions:

The Klubradio and all the staff, the listeners and the silent majority of people are grateful for every Euro!

Please donate here:

If it does not work, try the direct bank transfer to “Hadd szóljon egyesület” (Klubradio´s Hungarian nonprofit org.)

IBAN: HU92 10918001 00000129 03460009


Spread the message with mail, Facebook or Twitter to engaged friends who would donate AND forward this message to their friends for donations and repeated forwarding:


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Klubradio is working on selecting a charity so you can support Save Klubradio!.