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Aethon Phoenix's Fundraiser:

Save Maldives! Save the World!

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Aethon Phoenix


Whether we like it or not, Maldives is sinking and its sinking fast! Within the next 100 years at max, Maldives will become the next Atlantis. Known once upon a time as the paradise on earth, will soon be the relic that divers will relish. Its time for the people of earth to take responsibility, to take that one step to make a difference. We are a group of youth from Maldives. And we have a plan, a dream, a vision. Whatever you call it, we will save our country. Question is, will you be a part of it?

How we will use your money:
We will use every single penny we receive in trying to raise awareness and spread the word. Our target of $100,000 is very small in comparison to the huge task inhand. In the case we reach our target we will be able to invest in the research of a soon to be produced crude oil alternative known as Biopro Petrol. ( With our target goal we will be able to make the research and developement of this product finish before the end of February 2014. This will be the one small step towards saving Maldives, and hence saving the world. So JOIN ME in our battle for survival!
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