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Save Mr. Rixin

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Rixin is a gentleman of magic but right now, he needs your help to be extra magical. Please, show your love and send some support. Anything and everything helps so much.

A special thanks to everyone at Bay Shore Animal Hospital.

1 month ago, early in the morning, Rixin was bloated and rolling on the floor, groaning with a convulsing belly. I couldn't believe how huge his tummy got and obviously he was in some sort of trouble. It was sudden and came out of no where, so I immediately ran to the nearest vet's office with him in my arms.

Procedure 1) Rixin's urinary tract was completely blocked by stones and crystals so the doctors put in a catheter and flushed his bladder out. He had an unusually large amount of grit.

Surgery 1) Upon removing the catheter, Rixin's tract completely re-blocked. There was just too much grit that couldn't pass. He needed a perineal urethrostomy. His urethra looked like "shredded meat," according to the doctors, and they barely had anything to work with. After a few days, the anatomy failed to stay put, blowing some stitches, and infected.

Surgery 2) They opened his little belly up to put a catheter into his bladder and out through his urethra. His infection cleared up but his urethra refused to heal correctly around the little tube. It was unsalvageable.

Surgery 3) Thanks to Bay Shore Animal Hospital's Dr. Teryl, she put together enough of her own money to give Rixin another potentially life-saving surgery. This time by a board-certified surgeon who could fix Rixin. If anyone could have fixed him, this surgeon, Dr. Carb of Farmingdale could. They drilled a hole in his pelvis and drew the urethra through it, out of his belly.

Surgery 4) Dr. Carb saw a few things he needed to fix up to help him along, making a few adjustments to his new anatomy and re-stitching him.

Euthenasia was NOT an OPTION for this kitty! There was no way we could let him go. He is our best friend and more than just a member of the family. We all pulled out our credit cards and emptied our bank accounts to keep him breathing. But now we're empty and this fundraiser is his only hope.

Right now, Rixin has been recovering very well. His stitches look great and. he looks bright-eyed and quite handsome with his E-collar.

"He's not out of the woods yet."
Help him get out of there and back into his family's loving arms. We need your donations to keep him healthy and strong. We refuse to take any other alternative because he is so special. We have all tapped out on our resources and we really really really need your help. He really really really needs your help.

Buy Rixin more lives.



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