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New-B first home

Organized by: Megan Kesler

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Megan Kesler via Crowdrise
January 25, 2016

Our New-B name is going to be Malachi, im trying to do better for him by eating full meals instead just snacks and sweets all day. I love u! See More


Pushing pride aside to ask for help. Happiness comes in all forms even the little things matter. On March 26th 2016 I will be given a precious little matter of my life. My name is Megan and this is my story. I have a hardworking and very supportive fiance in my humble but fragile life he has granted me a special gift, a baby. My fiance's name is Matt, and before we knew we were pregnant we have tragically been victimized with an unforeseen foreclosure of his house. The home was left to him by his loving deceased father. When Matthew and I met we were working overnight for McDonalds. It was LOVE at first sight! When I had finally move into his house February 2015 everything was 50/50 ( good / bad). Prior to me moving in I had already known about the relationship he was in that went from sweet to sour. She was always threatening to kill or fight us more so after I found out I was pregnant. Anyway, dealing with that level of immaturity wasn't our biggest concern of the moment, but rather what are we going to do. Come June 2015 we were being forced to move out of the house. Soon after the unfortunate loss of being forced to leave the only option we had was to stay in hotels. With that being said we spent a few thousand dollars on hotel rooms, feeding ourselves, and bus tickets so we could get to the designated locations so we could put his car on the road. After we had the car UTD we started sleeping in there for a few months. By this time we had quit our jobs and attempted to find something else. No luck, just then we went on a walk and ran into a friend who told us about an app called Uship. So we started doing that in July 2015 transporting mostly dogs, all summer we were doing great until the end of October. We couldn't come into contact with any business and so we were stuck in Georgia. I had taken a Dollar Tree pregnant test earlier that month because I have been curious of why my TOM(time of month) hadn't been showing but I felt crampy sometimes. I just assumed all the mind-blowing stress was delaying TOM. The test said I was positive but I never felt kicking so Matt and I weren't too sure about believing a dollar test. So he went to give blood one day at a mobile unit they were so kind to us I told them briefly about our situation and that I have no way of getting an ultrasound right now since we were stuck for about a week in GA. They told us about an ultrasound bus it's called ICU(Image Clear Ultrasound). I made contact with the woman that was suppose to help us with finding an ICU bus. Things didn't work out with that and the woman felt really bad so she gave me a number to a free pregnancy aide clinic. I called them and set an appointment for the next morning. They made me take a pregnancy test while I was there and I was positive, I ended up getting my first sonogram. I was really nervous and really scared because I wasn't expecting this and it ended up happening to me. I was happy but just really unsure if I was still dreaming or that it was real. But I finally took a grip on reality and I realized this is really happening. We waited for about a week and still couldn't find anything to take us back to Maryland so we ended up driving back then afterwards and I finally told my mom and dad. That was the second most scariest thing of my life. I was really nervous I didn't know how they would take it, I didn't know if they'd be happy for me or disappointed. So after I left the house I gave them a few days to just take it in because its not everyday your youngest daughter gets pregnant. I think overall my mom was just shocked she already had a suspicion and thought I lied to them when they asked me before I left for the first few weeks. I honestly didn't know and I had to explain that to her. I know they just want what's best for me and I'm happy they're at least trying to help me go through this and deal with this. I would not be able to do this without my parents. My mom has told me more about what it's like to be pregnant now than she ever told me and I'm kind of glad about that. After that I ended up filing for food stamps and unemployment. I saw my doctor and he told me about a prenatal multivitamin that I could get from Walmart so I started taking those little gummies. They gave me a list of OBGYNs I can contact and I needed to make an appointment. So after I start working up the courage to finally get that on the road I have scheduled my appointment for December 14 2015, and this will be my ultrasound that I find out if its a boy or girl. I'm very nervous about it but hopefully all the support that I will be receiving from my mom, my dad, my fiance, my friends, and the support that I'm hoping you would be considerate of giving to me as well as I go forth with this pregnancy. It'll be just what I need to keep my courage, my hope and to keep fighting. This is something I really want and our child deserves. My child to stay with his or her real mother and real father. But sadly the problem is that we have been victimized by homelessness like a lot of other people have been and I don't want to lose my child. What mother or father would want to lose their child to the government when they know they can take care of their own child. So we are putting our independent personalities aside, trying to just stay determined and hopeful in God, and in all of you who possibly read this to please help me and Matt, to stay together as a family when I deliver in 2016!! I'm not asking for a big donation the minimum is just fine. Also, if you could just see it in your hearts to please help us in any way you possibly can we would be extremely appreciative and grateful. My fiance, Matt is even willing to help you, help us, and by that I mean if you need help with yard work, stacking wood, raking leaves, mowing the lawn, really anything that you need help with he is more than willing to come to your home if you would allow him to do what you need done so that you would make a contribution to our fundraiser. All we need is a home for our precious little baby, we have been looking all around and we finally found one for $9,800 that is perfect for us so we ask for 10,000 because if there's any little repairs that need to be done to it or one night that we would at least have a couple hundred dollars to hopefully fix some things that need to be done. The motor-home we have found resides in Florida, the man who is selling this is named Larry. We have also been searching for a manufactured home, and have recently discovered 1 in Edgewood, MD the people have said that it's better off for scrapping because of how much work this home requires. We are willing to put forth all our efforts in finding a home for our son. He's been constantly trying to make contact with jobs that are hiring and non one calls back or they already have those positions filled nothing seems to be working out for us just yet. We have had a few God Blessed miracles by kindness of people putting forth their hard earned money to help us feel like there is still hope out there. If you wish to donate less than $5 and have a PayPal account my email for that is Even if you can't donate but wish to then please LIKE, and SHARE with your friends on Facebook anything right now would be a generous help that will not go unrecognized. We are at a devastating low point, with a depressing, shameful, and urgent plea for your thoughts and prayers. For those of you that also have young children, God bless you and your little tyke, please help me bring mine home too <3 thank you <3



2% Raised of $10,000 Goal

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Organized by

Megan Kesler

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