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Here it is.Our 6 year old free standing little mom and pop country store. We are in a small town in palm bay Florida. This is our third location in that time frame but the first of which we owned. Never heard of us? Maybe not- so that poses the question of Who are we? Well, we have been fighting to stay open for 15 years. We have both a brick and mortar presence as well as on line. We began in a tiny office offset to the owners house. We sell on line primarily farm and ranch supplies and poultry supplies. But I am trying to grow that as well into the little country store feel as well.

( www.dblrsupply.com) But with little profit margin and no flowing cash to market or do a print catalog- its a daily struggle.

In 15 years though I have seen this market change. To have an on line presence you must battle the sites of eBay and Amazon. So we do. We partner with them trying to make a name for ourselves on line. It appears that in doing so-fake buyers seem to hunt us out. We have been hit by fraud and theft I don't know how many times. The worst one though was in the tune of about 45k. You see, to "play the game" of on line business- AS a SMALL BUSINESS, you have to sometimes make decisions that will literally either kill the business, or put you on the map. Being a woman of faith- I usually trust in faith that each incident that puts us back 3 steps will finally be the chance the business needs to move forward. Every big business got one once right? I'm not naive, I just simply believe that since ALL OUR COMPETITORS have big wholesale customers, that that one call on that one day will fling us into the success I know we could be.

In the community-we are a mom and pop store. We sell pet supplies in one half of our store, and on the other half is a little country store. We have a post office on site, we sell gift baskets, our own private label of jams, jellies, oils, and vinegars as well as a full line of Big Green Egg grills and accessories. We have done networking to get other businesses involved ( which always felt like they wanted something from me but were never willing to come shop with me for things they actually NEED) , I have done community events to raise money for Susan G Komen ( which the last time I did it the rep for the team actually stole all the money she could and WE were liable for it with the state for fraud)

Why am I doing this? Why am I bringing this to you, the people?Because I know there are some people out there who actually still care about small business and Im hoping there could be some light somewhere in this darkness of self employment. Someone else has to care.

So what will this money mean for my business? Well it ONLY means that I can pay off the loans I had take out to try and rob peter to pay paul. I took the loans because we needed the liquidity to place orders and get product and sell product and stay open. Seriously, thats ALL I would do with this money. I recently learned that with the new structure of Amazon, and the ridiculous way my vendors ship, we are literally losing money with every on line Amazon sale. But that constant cash flow every10 days was what I based taking the loan out on. Now knowing that I cant afford to do that, every penny I bring in will go to paying my monthly loan amounts and I will have nothing to buy products with to sell. Im literally that close to having to shut my doors and lose everything.

Everything I do to get ahead, slings me backward. Im literally at a loss. Please care! Please help this small business stay open.



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