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Save our planet now

Organized by: Amit Ika

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My name is Amit Ika and I am a medical student at American University of Antigua. I'm passionate about a very broad range of aspects, one of them being the environment. As the demand for energy increases by day, so does the burning of fossil fuels; creating toxic levels of air pollution, a thick blanket of carbon dioxide, destroying our ozone layer, and releasing carcinogenic compounds which can be very hazardous to our health. The massive effects of pollution are starting to show up in our environment. The polar caps are melting and pushing the winter downward which is why North America had one of the coldest winters in 30 years(polar vortex). This is also elevating sea levels, and acidifying the oceans. If we keep polluting at this rate, it will take no longer than a few decades for our coastal cities to disappear, and dwindle our food supply as the ocean acidification makes its way up the food chain. But there's some good news! It's not too late to still take action!!!

What I plan to do about it:

To decrease the usage of fossil fuels, my initial start-up goal is to provide most buildings in Antigua and Barbuda with a solar panel system that gives the residents renewable energy for a much chapter price, while eliminating air pollutants. When I have achieved this goal, I then plan on expanding to other islands near Antigua and Barbuda and eventually the United States in a couple of years. My final goal is to expand my business to much of the world as I possibly can to ultimately provide clean energy for everyone while decreasing air pollution by as much as 50% or more. What we save today will make a better tomorrow; for our kids, our grand kids and the future generations to come.

What We Need & What You Get:

We need your help to get started! The cost for a solar panel system is 1100 USD/ per house including manufacturing, installation, and shipping. Our goal is to raise enough money to provide energy for approximately 50 houses minus tax and other expenditures. Once we get this initial step running, we plan to convince other investors and banks to provide us with loans and/or invest in our business. This will help us expand faster and we can eventually make our way to the United States and hopefully the rest of the world. If our goal of 60,000 USD is not reached, your funds will still go into buying the supplies while we try to find alternative ways to get more funding.

If our goal is reached, then for every $10 you donate, you will receive 1 raffle ticket. In the end, we will pick out 1 ultimate winner and 9 2nd place winners. The ultimate winner will get a solar panel system shipped to their home with an instruction manual free of charge. The 2nd place winners will receive $100 gift baskets with their choice of gift card (Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Nobles, Target, etc.). A person may not win more than once and if one doesn't claim their prize, it will be given away to another eligible candidate.

Most of all, every single dollar you donate is appreciated and will not go forgotten. We express deep gratitude from the bottom of our hearts for helping our cause and saving the environment. Mother nature thanks you!

The Impact:

The impact you will help create will be life changing. Once we expand our business, we will go door to door, providing all citizens with optimal solar energy. If our project succeeds, we will be on our next steps to starting the Solar Strip Project. This innovation consists of building solar panel grids along the equator where sunlight is most prevalent. This might take a decade or two to get initiated, but once in action, most of the world will be solar dependent. This will help reduce the global warming rate and ocean acidification; and promote a green, environment friendly society for us all. This way, we can reserve our planet for the future generations instead of destroying it on the way.

Other Ways You Can Help:

Don't have enough money to donate? No problem. You can still help a great deal by spreading the word and promoting our cause to your neighbors, friends, etc. You can also help by doing minor actions such as taking shorter showers, turning off the lights, shutting off the faucet, recycling, planting a tree, and even something as simple as not littering. Every action counts, and for every action there is a reaction. Remember, Mother Earth is our only home. What we take from it, we must give back:)


Organized by

Amit Ika

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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