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Matt Pakucko / Porter Ranch CA: Shut Down SoCalGas!

Organized by: Matthew Pakucko

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I am Matt Pakucko, President and CoFounder of Save Porter Ranch, a 501 (C)3 charity that  advocates for and educates the residents of the Porter Ranch, CA area.  And a resident of Porter Ranch.  This funding request is distinct from, but directly related to, Save Porter Ranch's activities.

I am seeking personal support in order to continue my fight to SHUT DOWN the dangerous and unneeded SoCalGas Aliso Canyon Storage Facility in Los Angeles.

Find out what I have been up to, and more info on the gas leak (which was actually a BLOWOUT) in this google search:


This modey will be used for our community's ongong battle to find out what is going on with the health of so many residents, battle SoCalGas's propoganda machine of mis-informationa and outright lies (proven), and to educate and organize residents across Los Angeles to have this dangerous and proven unneeded facility permanently SHUT DOWN!

SoCalGas has endless funds and hunderds of full-time staff working against us.  We have thousands of volunteers that need to be directed in a cohesive strategy.  These efforts take massive amounts of time that I cannot do in my "spare time".  We need to escalate.


Here is how you can help me to help us ALL #ShutItALLDown and make our communities safe again.

First, I would like to thank all the Save Porter Ranch volunteers who have worked so hard, shoulder to shoulder, for the past 2.5 years to make our area safer before, during, and after the (ongoing) disaster. Together we have had some great success. For anyone not familiar with them, see the list on the Save Porter Ranch homepage. Those wins are wins for all residents:



So may of us have suffered great losses of all types from the blowout, Kyoko Hibino (Save Porter Ranch Co Founder) and myself included. As some of you know, my music production business (in Porter Ranch) was all but shut down. I did not seek another form of income but instead devoted way more than what a full-time job takes to respond to the crisis. This nearly-no-income scenario and changing my focus has put great financial strain on me. I knew this would happen, but I put myself on the front line anyways to help my Real “Dear Neighbors”.

Not as President and Co Founder of Save Porter Ranch, but as an individual, I am asking you all for some financial help. You can call it "volunteer of the year", "thanks for a job well done", or just being a "good neighbor" yourself. You may have noticed that I have been less involved in our blowout crisis over the past few months. That is simply because all that volunteer time I spent has taken a huge toll on my own life, especially financially, working for free verses doing what I do for a living. I also know, and have heard from others, that as I pulled back, so did the community…from what we could be accomplishing.

Coincidence? Who knows, but what we do know is that we need to step up our game…massively. Now more than ever…with the impending reopening of the facility, The new leak(s), SoCalGas Acid job that just started, many adults, kids and pets still getting sick, and SoCalGas making promo videos and hiring dozens of lobbyists and organizations to work against us from LA to Sacramento to Washington DC.

We are up against the biggest industry and we need a bigger and better response.

So: I am looking for direct financial support from the community, so I can continue to help the community. FYI: Prior to this recent fundraising effort, I have received zero compensation from anybody for anything.

Why should you give me money now?

Regarding our battle against SoCalGas and others: At the end of this post, you will see many things that were NOT done (I call them FAILS) and thing that need to BE done. That is the short list. This is not arrogance, but I am one key community member who knows the most about all the moving parts of our crisis. Am I an expert in everything? Hell no. But I have a network of people, the ear of elected officials, government agencies, the media and many environmental groups and I can source just about anything we need.


All it takes is… a HECK of a LOT of TIME !


Can Save Porter Ranch pay me?

Many know that I am President and Co Founder of Save Porter Ranch.  Being a 501 (C) 3, yes it can hire contractors, pay it’s officers, etc., but there is “red tape” and they have not been able to make that happen.

The way many of us see it, our communities need someone just about full time to manage all these moving parts. I am asking you to contribute to me personally and hopefully there will be enough for me to do that or something close to it for whatever period of time the donations allow.

Thank you for your support.

You can donate the old-fashioned way if you don't want to use a credit card (and save the % fee) and mail your check, payable to Matt Pakucko to:

Matt Pakucko

19360 Rinaldi St, Box 454

Porter Ranch, CA 91326


None of what I say diminishes all the great work that dozens of people are doing every week, every day. Especially Alexandra Nagy and Walker Foley at Food and Water Watch. But there is SO much more to do and they said they need much MUCH support from our community. Fortunately for us, it is their full-time (paid) job to do what they do, as well as their passion, and so they can devote so much more time than I possibly can.


I stand by my record.

Our clock is ticking….

Please help if you can.



Here is what resicents of the area were sublected to for 111 DAYS.  All sort of gases, including many that SoCalGas will not disclose.  The health problems from all this continue to this day.


See what Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Henry Stern (CA State Senate candidate) say about who and what we are up against and why we need funding in order to win:


RFK Jr. is 3 parts:


Herny Stern:




There is SO much more we as a community can do. Here are THE SHORT LISTs of where we failed and what we need. Each item has a boatload of time / energy / work that goes along with it. And it all needs to be CONSISTANT!

SCG is very consistent. 24/7/7 consistent.

Fully staffed and endlessly funded.


FAILS: (there are many more)

* SB887 (safety valve etc. legislation) needed WAY more support. From us and state-wide. Now it has been gutted by FULL-TIME paid gas industry lobbyists, including the safety valve requirement.

* Undeniable documentation and evidence of health symptoms to bring to all meetings. We don’t have that. We have residents’ comments and testimony. We need hard data.

* Minimal #s of people have attended meetings with public officials. We need more of us at more meetings with more elected officials.

* There have been hearings and public comment periods that have been missed or minimally promoted/attended. People need to know about these and what kind of comments will make a difference.

* We needed much more pressure to AQMD and all State agencies to hold SCG accountable. Now what we have is most of them stopping or limiting their air monitoring…before the facility even gets re-pressurized!


NEEDS (the short list)

* County Health Department: Where are they? I hear they are saying they don’t think our health problems are from the facility. We need proof either way and we need them to get back on our side.

* Fenceline monitor system: get it funded by the HOAs somebody!

* Get 10K plus homes cleaned properly.

* Debunk the #blackoutblackmail that SCG keeps pushing via massive education to all of LA.

* Educate Los Angeles that the Aliso Canyon facility is NOT used every day (in fact only a handful of days a year in the past) for our gas. And to educate that SCG uses MOST of that facility for their own profit, completely separate from supplying gas to LA.

* Undeniable documentation and evidence of health symptoms to bring to all meetings.

* Get a large health foundation to document and investigate our ongoing health problems. That was started by some volunteers but seems to have no follow through. We need someone who can follow through on such things and encourage volunteers to do the same. CONSISTANTLY!

* We need MANY more people going door-to-door canvassing the residents.

* Something to replace the PRCAC to keep a dialog open with all Government agencies.

* Up to the minute info on various legislation in our favor (or not) and how we can support or oppose it.

* Get all the SPR committees in action. We have a lot of volunteers and no one to organize them all…CONSISTANTLY!

* Partner with more and bigger organizations…get and keep them on our side, to magnify our efforts, from ALL OVER THE STATE!

* Legal help from other Non Profits that provide such. This is distinct and separate from litigation / lawsuits against SCG for damages.

* Termo (and the other oil drillers on that hill) needs to do something with gas from their drilling operations. They can no longer send it to the SCG facility. Where is it going? They were already busted just venting it into the air above Porter Ranch. We need to investigate that.

This list goes on and on. This is what happens when we have an all volunteer force working part time or in their spare time verses the industry, fully staffed and fully funded. We cant possibly keep up.

I invite you to post here any questions, comments, or support. Myself and/ or hopefully, the community will respond.

Thank you

Matt Pakucko








Organized by

Matthew Pakucko

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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