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Joe Fernandes' Fundraiser:

Save Rosie's House

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Joe Fernandes


I want to help raise $200,000 to save Rose De La Torre’s house. I want to do this because here is a remarkable woman that has spent her entire life serving and helping others achieve their goals, including her five children.

And now, she is about to lose her home that means the world to her. It’s not a stellar home, but it’s hers. She has a few disabilities that prevent her from effectively using her hands, as well as a severe knee joint inflammation. She has no medical insurance, and no savings to fall on. She serves on the Relief Society Presidency at church, and is active in raising funds for the kids on Brighter Side at Temple City High. Rosie gives and gives, with no regard for her own comfort. A true saint! An awesome human being to the very core.

Please join me in making a difference in Rosie’s life. You will find that if you do, many special blessings from Heaven will come your way. You have all watched the movie “Pay It Forward,” now is your chance to help little Rosie. Please help save her small humble home.

Thank you so much in advance for your supreme kindness.

Best wishes,

Joe Fernandes


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