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CROWDRISE : Jun 13, 2011
Tax ID: 31-1254920
BASED: Cincinnati, OH, United States


STAF No-kill Shelter

Our mission is to rescue, care for, and find adoptive homes or a sanctuary home for abused, injured, abandoned dogs and cats. STAF is unique in that we have no employees, are 100% no-kill, and that we have remained committed to those hallmarks throughout our 27 years (and counting). Our funding is directed to the animals in our care rather than salaries, and our focus is the rescue of the dogs and cats who need us most and have nowhere else to turn.

STAF - A Unique Organization in the Animal Welfare Community

We are a unique, long-standing organization made up of 600 dogs & cats, and 300 love-the-furballs-to-their-core volunteers! 

We’re one of the few shelters that accepts the neediest of cases – those dogs and cats that other shelters consider “unadoptable”.  Our successful adoption program proves there is a special home for each special animal, and the sanctuary side of our shelter strives to show each animal that there is no such thing as unwanted.

STAF's Six Rs:  Rescue, Recovery, Rehabilitation, ReHome, Refuge, Reduce


Our rescue efforts are focused on those animals that are in desperate situations, with nowhere else to turn. Many of our dogs come to us from death row in high rate county shelters. Most of our cats come to us homeless and having suffered injury or abuse, or with disabilities. In terms of rescue, our goal is to end suffering, and provide sanctuary and the chance at a home with a family.


Our recovery and rehabilitation programs focus on the idea that every animal, no matter how poorly treated in the past, deserves a second chance. We put the time and effort into providing the physical care needed for injured or neglected cats and dogs. Our volunteers work to socialize each animal and gain their trust, to give them the best chance possible of an adoptive home.


Our adoption program focuses not only on placing dogs and  cats in homes, but also educating families with regard to the responsibilities of pet ownership, and finding the cat or dog that fits their lifestyle. A permanent, loving home for our rescues is our goal. Over the years our adoption program has placed thousands of dogs and cats with families.


Ideally, every animal would quickly find a home, but for many reasons, that’s not always the reality. Until an adoptive home can be found, we strive to provide our animals with a warm, safe environment, people who love them, quality food, medical care – the things we’d want in a home. We treat each cat and dog as an individual, taking his/her needs into account.


Rescue work, sheltering, and adoption alone aren’t enough to bring the overpopulation of homeless dogs and cats under control.  Our spay/neuter program takes a preventative, humane approach to the issue. The program provides no cost surgeries and “Trap/Neuter/Release” assistance to individuals, neighborhood groups, and pet owners, preventing tens of thousands homeless cats and dogs.


We hope you find our organization as worthwhile to the animals as we do.  The animals in our care are supported through fund-raising programs, events, and donations.  Your donation supports the animals that make the shelter their home, and future rescue efforts for animals in dire need.  We are a team with our supporters.  We hope you’ll consider joining our cause.

Thank you for your love of the animals!

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