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Save the Evans Family

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My Name Is Tamanika, I Am A 36 Year Old Mother Of 4 Beautiful Children Whose Names Are Syncir (12) Shania(8) And Twin Boy & Girl Tyler & Taylor (5). I Currently Reside In Ocean Hill Brownsville Brooklyn,NY. I Opened This Page To Request ANY Help I Can Receive In Saving Me And My Kids From Homelessness. My Life Has Been A Constant Uphill Battle,One Obstacle After The Next. As A Child I Was Sexually Abused By Friends Of Mother,Whom Soon There After I Was Taken Away From At The She Of 8,And Went To Go Live With My Father. My Mother Was Addicted To Drugs And Soon Thereafter She Passed After Contracting The A.I.D.S. Virus From Sharing Needles. The Lost Hit Me Hard,But My Father Loved Me With All His Heart And Made Sure I Pushed On. After Graduating From Job Corps, I Landed Small Odd Jobs Until I Became Pregnant With My First Child . My Father Did All He Could To Help,Always Telling Me That I Had To Be Able To Care For My Child Properly,Even Watching My Son While I Attended College. Soon Thereafter I Got A Job Working With Children That Like Myself Had Been Abused Or Neglected,I Wanted To Give Back And Give These Challenged Children The Love My Father Gave Me. I Felt Like My Life Was Finally Coming Together And Things Were Going To Get Better For Us. After Sharing The News With My Father,He Took Ill and Was Hospitalized For Kidney Failure,I Was Devastated. As if This Wasn't Enough,I Found Out On His Sick Bed That He Wasn't My True Father,But Had Adopted Me And Raised Me As His Own,I Felt Totally Lost. The Week After My Father Died,His Family Whom Me,Him And My Son Were Staying With Kicked Me Out Of The House, Without A Warning,I Was Homeless With A Child. I Pushed On Staying With Friends Until I Saved Up To Get My First Apartment,After Which I Became Pregnant With My Second Child. Her Father Appeared To Be A Good Religious Man,Kind Of Latched On To Him With My Recent Loss,But He Became Abusive And I Had To Run,Couldn't Allow My Children To Witness The Horror That Us Domestic Violence,Once Again I Was Homeless And Staying With Friends. I Still Had My Job So I Continued To Work And Save,All My Time Over The Next Four Years Were Spent Working Or With My Children,It Was Hard But I Was Determined To Make It For Me And My Family. All Appeared To Be Going well,Things Were Finally Going Good,Had Even Gotten Another Apt. One Night,I Decided To Go Out To A House Gathering With Friends And Unwind A Bit,Enjoyed Myself Though I Thought I May Have Partied A Bit Much and my best friend,a male i had known since childhood suggested i go lay down and sleep it off in one of the bedrooms,I Was Wrong. What I Thought Was Me Being Tired And Woozy From Partying I Came To Find Out later was the after effects of being drugged. I swore off drinking and said to myself that this would never happen again and moved on,thinking it was all behind me,lord was i wrong. A few months later i went to the doctor for i was feeling ill myself and didn't know why. I found out that again i was pregnant! This couldn't be, i was single and hadn't engaged in intercourse in who knows how long.After finding out how far along I was,i traced it back to the night of the party,not only was i drugged, I had also been raped that night,by the same one I had thought was my best friend Disgusted, i made an appointment for an abortion,it was hard enough already with my two children on my own,I couldn't afford another one. On the day of however, the nurse informed me that i was pregnant with twins....and that stopped me cold,i felt like it was a blessing of some sorts and said i couldn't go through with it. I have since struggled for my decision,but wouldn't give up my angels for anything. I am currently about to be evicted because i have fallen behind in my rent,which has become too expensive. With all of my bill(gas,lights,transportation etc) and childcare,it's become a burden. I am asking for donations so that i can first pay the back rent i owe,for if i do not,no one else will rent to me and after that move into an affordable apartment for me and my children where i can maintain the rent and my bills. I would like to ultimately save up and one day get a house for me and my children,but right now i am just trying to keep a roof over our heads. I shared my story just to give whomever is reading a little bit about me and my life and how i came to be where i am.I greatly appreciate the time you've taken in reading this and any donations anyone may give.

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