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Save the Giraffe

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David O'Connor wrote -

Giraffes are icons of Africa, found nowhere else. They are integral to their ecosystems, opening up habitat for other wildlife, spurring growth of new Acacia forage, and dispersing seeds. Recently giraffe numbers have plummeted. They need our help. 

Over the the past 15 years the reticulated giraffe have declined by over 80%, from 28,000 to about 4,700 today. At this rate, these giraffe will be extinct by 2019. The IUCN will shortly re-categorize reticulated giraffe as ENDANGERED in recognition of the dramatic drop in numbers. Other types of giraffe are also disappearing

We must act, and fast. For this reason, together with our partners and alongside pastoralists, we are harnessing our collective giraffe expertise to take up the fight against giraffe extinction.

We need your help to reach our goal - we are so close! 


  • Please DONATE and make your contribution to saving the Giraffe. Also, click 'Fundraise for this Campaign' to get your own page to share with family and friends to ask them to support the Giraffe! 
  • Working with communities in Kenya to fight poaching, to learn more about giraffe, and create income. We cannot save giraffe without community support. 
  • Continued field research to better understand giraffe population levels, movements and ecology. Vital information to design effective conservation efforts. 
  • The campaign is to raise funds for community-based giraffe conservation initiative in Kenya being implemented by David O'Connor, Giraffe Conservation Ecologist, with San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research, and the Giraffe Conservation Foundation and the local community. 

Some Facts...

  • Giraffe are the forgotten giants of Africa
  • We know very little about giraffe ecology, it's vital we learn more while working to protect them
  • Overall, giraffe have declined by 40% in just the last 15 years
  • They are being slaughtered by poaching and snares and bullets, while also losing habitat
  • Giraffe are poached for their body parts for "medicine" (falsely believed to cure aids), trinkets and for meat
  • Giraffe have already become extinct in 7 African countries
  • There are 6 times less giraffe than there are elephants
  • There are 9 types of giraffe, 6 of them have populations less than 5,000

Reticulated Giraffe...

  • Reticulated giraffe number less than the endangered Black Rhino.
  • Reticulated giraffe are on track to be extinct by 2019
  • There are about 4,700 left
  • They have declined by 80% over the last 15 years from about 28,000 to 4,700
  • Most of their range is unprotected

Want more information on the project? Click Here 

Informational Links...

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Fundraise for this Campaign

The Team: $44,167 TOTAL RAISED SO FAR

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