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Save the Hospital or rather the Pateints

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We have a hospital. It is located in Contamana, Peru. We are very poor and have no specialists.  We would need some to come and teach us. We have a couple of trained Drs. and me. I am specialized in plant medicine. We have had to perform emergency operations last week. There was no plane to get the people to Pucallpa. It was our first time operating. The one was a cecearen section. It was the womans 7th child. It was a breach birth and very fat. I thought I would faint. We only had a mixture of alcohol and datura plant for the anethesia. We had a couple of clean towels to sop up the blood. It was as professional as possible. She survived although her scar is a bit big. I ended up doing the stitching as the Dr. was not able to. I am glad that I have done a lot of handcrafts as they were a bit regular then. The second one was an appenditicitis. We did not have money for the plane. So we had to do it ourselves otherwise the man would have died. He survived! We had an accident in the village. A man fell into a hole and was coverd with dirt and sand. We pulled him out. His lungs were bursting. We probably needed to perform a tractomy (placing a hole in his throat to enable him to breathe) but we could not. We lacked the knowledge, and the tools. We also were more afraid as if we did not do it very exacting, he would have died. We should have tried as he died anyhow. The entire village is sad. I sent them my apologies but I was just too scared to set the knife. And now I feel repsonsible. We had a birth. You can view the video on it here: . It is only for hard stomachs. You see the sadness of a child being born dead. You see how the Drs. only have on t-shits and normal sneakers. Some of them do not even have sterilized gloves. It is our reality. Help us change it. We would use the money to pay two surgeons, one gynocologist and one Dr. of Internal Medicine to come here for one year to teach us. This way we could perhaps be better equipped to help. I would love to be able to place a card under the towns Christmas tree with the announcement that we have funds to pay these Drs. It would be a blessing for many many people. I cannot place a foto or anything as I cannot download things. We only have internet sometimes. Many thanks for this site existing and making a request easy. There are many others but they are too complicated for us. We are trying yo upload videos of the operations and how we need to activate all the motorcars when we need to evacuate someone at night AND we have the money to do it. They all need to come to the airport to line it with there lights. Otherwise the plane cannot land. Our life is not always uncomplicated yet we are very thankful for it. many hugs of light. many blessings. may you remember that the holiday season is stress free }, peaceful, with joy, happiness and bliss.



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