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Located in Metropolis, IL, the Massac Theatre is a 1938 Art Deco movie theatre in danger of demolition. Our community formed a not for profit corporation to save the Theatre and are now the proud owner. Our fundraising efforts are making the necessary repairs to return this beautiful icon to her former glory.

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The Massac Theatre holds a special place in the hearts of our small community.  For three generations, we saw movies on the screen and performers on the stage before her doors were closed for the last time in 1978.  30 years of neglect left the theatre with no roof and no hope. When the City placed the Massac on their demolition list, our community came together to form the Save the Massac Committee.  We are a not for profit corporation and are dedicated to saving our theatre.

We have wonderful plans for the Massac, plans to repair the building and rebuild the stage and screen.   This piece of architectural history could have a new and bright future.  When our new high school was built, the auditorium was torn down leaving only the cafeteria and gymnasium for our students to perform their art.  The Massac Theatre could fill that void, and once again our band and drama students could perform on a real stage.  Children in our town could see movies right down the street from where they live.

Metropolis, IL, is the Home of Superman and the birthplace of Oscar Micheaux, the first African-American feature filmmaker, and what better place to show those films, than in the Massac Theatre.


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