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Save The Shake is a movement to protect creative control that is not apparently inherent in the Arts, particularly in dancing. We here at Save The Shake believe that culture is important within dance and attributing artistry to its creator is more than half of the art forms identity. The dance known as the "Harlem Shake" is of historical significance and it is part of the fabric in Harlem culture. The recent flood of pseudo Harlem shake dances appearing on YouTube that carry the word "original" to their title while perverting the culture of the dance with sexually provocative movements is at best tasteless. The "fake" rendition of the Harlem Shake is lacking in the skill and artistry that is found in the Harlem Shake and encourages lame and lackadaisical juking of the body in an effort to mock a dance that has contributed to Harlem's rich culture. We here at Save The Shake seek to preserve the integrity of the Harlem Shake. In doing so we preserve the integrity and reputation of its creators and the many kids that they have influenced through dance, namely the Harlem Shake. The "Crazy Boyz" (the original creators of the Harlem Shake are professional dancers who have danced for celebrities such as Jadakiss, Eve, Destiny's Child, Ron Browz, Sean P-Diddy Combs and many more use their dance as part of the "Stop Bullying Campaign" partnering kids of low self esteem with kids of their own age group who are skilled in the most popular dance in Harlem since Michael Jackson's moonwalk and the Legendary GodFather of Soul James Brown's slide. Harlem's signature dance of the last two decades has been used to allow kids safe passage towards building healthy friendships. Many kids who have been bullied or lacking in confidence have grown to overcome their fears and gained social skills that catapulted them over the hurdles presented bullies and low self esteem. Many kids who bullied others found love and friendships and social skills through the dance. The Harlem Shake is more than just a dance it is the identity of the inner city kid, the confidence to become someone greater than a bully. The Harlem Shake is beginning stage of the Contemporary Renaissance of Harlem in the dance. Of you have ever seen anyone one doing the REAL Harlem Shake then you have seen self confidence at its best and learning an art form become fun for someone whose never done it before. Even a person who cannot dance will enjoy watching the rhythmic motion of the dance. So in an effort to bring cultural awareness of the dance known and lived by harlemites and kids all over. The Harlem Shakers and we here in Harlem have joined forces I'm asking you to voice your solidarity in saying "SAVE THE SHAKE!" and donate towards preserving the integrity of our dance and Harlem's history and raise awareness to the rich history of the dance culture. Thank you and "SAVE THE ShAkE"


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