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Gerakan Peduli Balita Jalanan (Street Toddler Care Movement) Ad Campaign

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In the city I live, Jakarta. Too many toddlers dwelling and lives on the street. The numbers is not decreasing in spite of government promises, more and more toddlers can be seen every day all year long, for so many years that I can remember, on the traffic light intersection, bus terminal, literally everywhere. They are begging, singing for money, sleeping, eating, crying, playing here in one of the worst polluted city in the world. If you have been to Jakarta you will understand exactly what I described here.

The community is aware of this problem, but I still see more and more toddlers on the street. It is not a secret too that somehow some adult are managing this condition, they are like the mafia of street beggars, that drop many of them in the early dawn and pick up them up again after very late in the night. This organized criminal collecting their begging money.

Now I know this hell of condition should be ended. And one of the idea is to create an ad campaign to the community to urge them to stop giving money to this beggars especially toddler, instead giving them small carton milk. Why milk? Small carton milk in Indonesia is at the same price with coin. So this will not different for people that used to give coins to this street toddlers, this will not be a major change for the giver, so hopefully will be succeed to implement daily. And everyone that had given milk to street toddlers instead of coins can upload their picture on this project Facebook fan page and their name will be included as supporter on the official letters that will be send to government to urge them to tackle this social problem more seriously.

The money raised will be used to buy ad placement on Facebook to get this campaign awareness. Facebook is the largest social platform used in Indonesia especially among worker who commute daily to and their office for work in Jakarta. These worker are the giver who saw many of the street toddler, most of them giving coins, but their numbers is necessary to ensure that this problem through the ad campaign can get to the top priority of Jakarta government to do list.



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