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Saving Rhinos From Extinction

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Rhinos are being killed for their horn. If we can break the desire to consume and reduce the demand for horn, the poaching will stop. For nearly 20 years, there was very little rhino poaching (as highlighted in the South African statistics shown below), then a new fashion for rhino horn was manufactured, in Viet Nam, starting around 2006. This is not about an ancient cultural use, this is a new fad and it can be stopped, if it gets more focus. What is this new fad? Africa’s and Asia’s rhinos are being wiped out for a useless detox drink and needless business gifts. The demand for rhino horn has escalated with the primary user groups, who are a small percentage of wealthy, elite businessmen who use rhino horn as a: Status symbol in building business networks, negotiating business deals and gain favours Detox drink, which is also nothing more than a status symbol to them, at the end of a night of business networking - they know the drink has no medical value. From interviews with the primary user group Breaking The Brand found only two factors that would motivate them to stop using rhino horn before it is too late for the rhino: If using rhino horn negatively impacted their personal health/wellbeing or that of a person that they cared about/were trying to influence If using rhino horn negatively impacted their status with the people they were trying to influence. Breaking The Brand’s aim now is to destroy the current ‘luxury’ brand of rhino horn in Viet Nam as a 'status enhancing' product. This means creating campaigns that resonate with these businessmen users of rhino horn in Viet Nam. Since launching a pilot campaign in September 2014, the Breaking The Brand project has published a number of campaigns targeting this group. Though they have been relatively small campaigns; costing between US$20,000 (~AU$26,000) and US$68,000 (~AU$90,000) they have been highly targeted. Breaking The Brand has used business publications and lifestyle magazines known to be read by the users of rhino horn to help ensure campaign messages reached them.. More about our campaigns can be seen via: With efforts in demand countries and the work being done in range countries, rhino poaching is no longer growing exponentially: This gives the rhino a chance to survive the threat of extinction, however more than 1,000 rhinos continue to be poached each year in South Africa alone. With approximately 25,000 left in the wild, we need poaching rates to continue this downward trend until rhino poaching stops. This means continuing to run demand reduction campaigns. How The Funds Will Be Used Breaking The Brand’s new RhiNo Campaign: Think: Is rhino horn putting your reputation at risk? Is ready for publication. So far we have received donations of AU$67,000 towards the AU100,000 needed.. With this Pozible campaign we would like to raise at least AU$10,000 of remaining AU$33,000 required. The campaign funds will be used to publish full-page adverts in key business and lifestyle magazines, in Viet Nam read by the users of rhino horn.. The publications we have selected ensure the adverts reach this target audience. Publication Circulation Details Heritage Magazine: Vietnam Airlines Inflight Magazine Vietnam Airlines has about 300 daily flights to 21 destinations domestically and to 28 internationally. We know that by placing an advert in the magazine we are targeting some of Viet Nam’s wealthiest citizens and the demographic group that can afford to buy genuine rhino horn. Investment Bridge: Weekly, Vietnamese language magazine, target: businessmen, circulation: 65,000 Saigon Business Weekend: Weekly, Vietnamese language magazine, target: businesspeople, circulation: 30,000 Forbes Vietnam: Monthly, Vietnamese language magazine, target: government, businessmen, investors, circulation: 25,000 Golf & Life: Monthly, Vietnamese language magazine target: businessmen elite who like luxury and hi-tech, circulation: 25,000 Vietnam Investment Review: Weekly, English language magazine, target: business leaders, economists and senior government officials, circulation 40,000 If you have any questions about the campaign don’t hesitate to contact Breaking The Brand at If you would like more information on Breaking The Brand and our past campaigns: How much of your donation will go to this project? Breaking The Brand is run 100% by volunteers, who cover their own aminsitration and research cost. ALL of the funds that come to us via Pozible will go directly to publishing the campaign in Viet Nam. Any additional funds Once we have reached the AU$100,000, AU$10,000 of which is being raised via this Pozible campaign, any additional funds will go towards expanding the campaign in Viet Nam. Special thanks go to: Randal and Nigel of The Wise Men, Melbourne, for donating their time, creativity and energy to this project. Nicholas and the team at the SAVE African Rhino Foundation for supporting us from day one. The Breaking The Brand volunteers and supporters including friends and family who enabled us to get this far since the project started in February 2013. Other ways Breaking The Brand is making a difference Breaking The Brand has also designed a complete process ( for creating highly targeted demand reduction campaigns and a model that clarifies the difference between what constitutes a demand reduction campaign compared to an education campaign or an awareness-raising campaign: This process and model can be applied to other wildlife being illegally poached and traded. The Challenges We have done four previous campaigns successfully, so we don't foresee any challenges beyond getting through the censorship for print ads in Viet Nam. We have learn't how to navigate this in our previous campaigns Pledge Now AU$2 + Tax Deductible Receipt Tax Deductible Receipt You will be issued with a tax deductible receipt. $20+ Thank You An email expressing our sincerest thank you for contributing to a campaign that has been shown to influence those who buy rhino horn. Est. delivery is August 2017 $100 US Thank You Certificate An email expressing our sincerest thank you for contributing to a campaign that has been shown to influence those who buy rhino horn with PDF of generic thank you certificate from Nia for becoming Nia’s Friend. Est. delivery is August 2017 $1,000 US Website Acknowledgement Acknowledgement of your contribution on our web site: as a supporter of our campaign. PDF of personalized thank you certificate from Breaking The Brand for becoming Nia’s Friend.



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