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Saving Caterpilar Hill



EVENT DATE: Jun 01, 2014


Our Communities Opportunity

We have forged a once in a lifetime opportunity to save an incomparable place. A place of awe and beauty which has been stewarded by Maine families for generations until it was put up for sale. So many of us cherish this property, in so many ways, providing healing and rejuvenation to all who pass by. Our non-profit has held strong our position for the last eight years and now the price of the land has come down from $2 million to under $800,000. This reduction to such a low price presents the great risk of losing the land to development. CHI has the opportunity and the team in place. We feel 2013 - 2014 is our best time for a deal to be made.

Bare Basic Need is $30,000.00

Finishing the Amphitheater for $30,000.00 enables the start of income generation and brings to life core events that will illustrate the mission for the site. An option to purchase the Land can be secured buying us one year to concentrate fundraising efforts towards full ownership of the property. 

Let's Break Down Our Best Case Stretch Goal: $125,000.00

  • 65% ($81,250.00) Allows CHI to Secure a Purchase and Sale Agreement, Stabilizing the organization by allowing us to "take ownership" opening significant grant opportunities. 

100% Goal accomplished further allows:

  • Eliminates the threat of the loss of public access to one of the most beautiful and inspiring places in the world. 
  • Installs The Amphitheater Outdoor Classroom. 
  • Builds Community 
  • Supports The Arts 
  • Provides resources to produce all awarded items as well as tile orders.
  • Preserves and restores the natural beauty of one of Blue Hill Peninsula’s last remaining vistas. 
  • We will be set to have our grand opening event this June 2014 on our new community stage. 

Supporter Rewards!

 There are 8 tile giving levels. Every level of support translates to a one-of-a-kind tile that will become part of the whole pattern. Contributors will have personalized tiles built into the very foundation of the amphitheater, names glazed into the stone.

 Gifting Tiles is an exceptional option, on behalf of loved ones, an important charity or special organization. Memorial tiles represent a way to remember the people that have touched your life.

Click this link to find out more about Amphitheater Tile giving levels:

Amphitheater Tiles


The Impact If We Reach Our Goal!

We will be able to:

  • Create a hybrid space for an arts and spirituality center intimately connected to the earth. 
  • Promote the bigger picture of a connected world, one that honors the foundational principles and creativity of nature. 
  • Protect the view-shed of Caterpillar Hill, and steward the property for future generations. 
  • Develop an ongoing program of innovative, ecologically sound and sustainable resource management. 
  • Foster a collaborative spirit among the local residents through shared vision, building community with the peninsula citizens and with local non-profit organizations.
  • Ability to form Partnerships with other like minded organizations and social impact investors. 

By working from a collaborative paradigm we will:

  • Assure that all local voices are heard, all concerns evaluated, and all opportunities measured against the vision. 
  • Focus on how this reflects the values, talents, and directives of our local artists, educators, businesses, and non-profits. 
  • Create a platform to allow our rich consortium of artists, musicians, dancers, authors, scientists, and spiritual teachers to share their talents and wisdom. 
  • Provide local community networking in an environment where all of our combined talents and skill-sets are highlighted, and all are recognized. 
  • Attract tourism and tourism dollars to fuel the local economy and create for-profit options that have a positive impact on our community. 
  • Attract a year-round influx of consumers that spend on retreats, classes, local housing, goods, and services. 
  • Create a flourishing local economy using lessons learned and the model of other sustainable arts, education, and preservation initiatives.

Through building an amphitheater that will:

  • Be the heart of the Initiative, a center that will attract individuals, families, and communities locally and throughout Maine.
  • Provide an outdoor public space for movies, lectures, theater, education, art classes, and community events. 
  • Create a speaker’s platform, nestled in the beauty of the land, to attract fresh ideas, insights, appreciation and laughter. 
  • Establish a focal point to promote and educate the region’s extraordinary natural features, its rich cultural and historical resources, and its vibrant arts community. 
  • Introduce a forum for programs where people can explore their life’s passions and bring them into focus.

Other Ways You Can Help!

Please share, learn, and dream with us. Feel free to share this concept with others you think may be excited or would want to know about a project of this magnitude. This is an inspiring moment for us and a coming together of ideas from the whole community. We are so close to achieving our goal for a sustainable future. We are excited to offer this mandala fundraiser to you and the community so that everyone can participate in this opportunity to secure and enjoy Caterpillar Hill.

If money is hard to give right now here are some ideas that would help move this idea forward:

  • Help us reach out to foundations
  • Grant Writing
  • Connecting this effort with others who can help Fundraising 
  • Write an article about us
  • Feature us in a blog posting
  • Find a friend to gift a tile. 

This is a Community Project, let's do it together!




Want to help Fundraise or Volunteer for this amazing Fundraiser? Join the Team

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