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Saving Lives Of Teenage Drivers



Teen Drivers: Fact Sheet
Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for U.S. teens.1 In 2010, seven teens ages 16 to 19 died every day from motor vehicle injuries. Per mile driven, teen drivers ages 16 to 19 are three times more likely than drivers aged 20 and older to be in a fatal crash.2 Fortunately, teen motor vehicle crashes are preventable, and proven strategies can improve the safety of young drivers on the road.

How BIG is the problem?
In 2010, about 2,700 teens in the United States aged 16–19 were killed and almost 282,000 were treated and released from emergency departments for injuries suffered in motor-vehicle crashes.

The Story . . . 
My daughter and wife were in accident where a police officer on the scene said "In over ten years of being on the force, I've never scene such a serious accident which did not have fatalities."  I understand at the deepest part of my heart that my wife and my daughter havea very specific reasons for their lives to be spared.   I believe one of those reasons is to help save the lives of other teenagers around the world.

We realized as a family with seven children . . . that there are many families out there which are not so foturniate, lives have and are being lost daily and something needs to be done about it.  I thought . . . what if I would have lost both of them, what would I do?  I believe knowing my heart and my love for my wife and each one of the seven children I have been blessed with that I would have set up some type of foundation, resource center, tools and/or systems/process which would have been dedicated to the lives of my wife and daughter.

For those who have lost a loved one in a car accident . . . there are so many people out there, who are so sorry for your loss and we want you to know that their lives have not been in vain.  We desire to honor them to help other teenage drivers understand that as a teenager, our lives may seem to be indrustable, that can be cut short, by one quick decision on our part or the part of others.

Our Goal
To create a fun, fast, easy program of letters, music and videos which would touch the heart of every teenage driver in the world with a message which will save the lives of thousdands of teenagers each and every year.  We desire to get our innovative and creative videos into every drivers ed program in the world.  We desire for every teenager in the world to view these powerful life changing videos.

Is this too big of a goal?  Think about it . . . what if we only missed that goal by one person, and that one person was your teenager, a neighbor, your brother or sister, your friend, your classmate mate, a student in your class, someone you just hung out with, you laughed or cried with, watched a movie, had a date, someone who was your best friend . . . 

We Need Your Help!
Whether or not, you are able to make a contribution financially, we need you to get the word out to every teenager and every parent of a teenager, on the value of their teen hearing, seeing these powerful stories.

We Have Made This Fun!
Being blessed in be a father of seven children, an international speaker and author, I have realized that teenagers . . . and really everyone . . . at any age learn more and are more motivated when we are having fun.

Many drivers ed videos are based on fear and what can happen rather than the cellebration of life.  To touch the lives of every teenerage in the world we decided to introduce the subject of safe driving in a fun / enticing way, that draws them in, with entertains them, that integrues them, thorugh something that means a lot to them.  Understanding themsevles, their own personality, their friends, the opposite sex, their teachers, future bosses and their parents.

Not only is this a fun way to touch the lives of teenagers and to get them to take a few seconds, to think, a few seconds . . . which may save their lives but within the message is valuable information on their personality and how the knowledge gained from information will help them to have more and better friends, will help them in personal relationships and help them better understand their teachers and parents.  

We are using core principles / natural laws from through Life Masteries Institute, which makes learning personalities both easy and fun and life/relationship changing.  

Our Partnerships
We have decided to partner with Life Masteries Institute, (LMI) at the core of this project, as they are an amazing 501c3 non profit organization devoted to making a difference in the lives of people all around the world.  

LMI also leads up monthly mastermind partnership seminars around the world which are designed to help businesses and community based organizations partner for the mutal benefit of the local community.  

There are many things that devide people around the world . . . politics, religion, world view . . . but the one thing that unites us all is the safety of our children.  

We are partnering with automobile and insurance companies as well as other companies which care about children and teenagers.  

We want to partner with YOU!  While your donation is appreciated, needed, and put to a great cause your time, talents, trust and truth (insights / wisdom) along with your network is really what is needed more than your contribtuions.  We are using technology to get the word out in a fun way and we need to partner with you to reach people in your network which we will not be able to reach without you.


Phase 1 - Development
Raise funds and a core team of individuals who believe in this project to share the message in a fun way through specialized content, website, videos, music, and whatever else is needed to get this powerful fun and life saving message out to teenagers, educators, and their parents.

Phase 2 - Deployment
We are seeking to deploy this through may distribution channels i.e. partnerships, so to speak . . . 

Specific Partnerships 

1. Teenagers
Teenagers are the most powerful because of all the peers they connect with.  Since the foundation of this is www.PersonalityMasteries,com, the deep understanding of why we feel, think and do what we feel, think, and do, it's actually a cool and fun thing for teens to share the resources available.

Sometimes, we as teenagers, don't like things, just because it's recommended by teachers or parents.  This is different as it connects with us as teenagers, at our very DNA, of who we are.  The system, process, resources, understands us as there are 65,536 possible combinations of personalities . . . all of which we can understand in minutes.

We, as teenagers will benefit personally by understanding why we feel the way we do, how we can learn to think in a little different way, a way which will help us to have more and better friendships, get better grades in school with less work as a result of understanding our teachers better and how to better understand our parents . . . so we can treat them the way they would like to be treated, which in the end, will help us as teenagers to get more of what we want in life.

It works . . . it really does!

2. Parents
As a parent of seven children myself and four teenagers at one time my wife and I understand that often we don't think our children listen to us . . . and many times they don't. :-)  One reason they don't listen is as very young children they kind of worship us and think we're like super heroes.  

As they grow and gain their own unique personality type their personalities often clash with ours and that creates for a great deal of friction, fear and frustration on the parts of everyone. Many times their personalities are very different than their parents and sometimes, even worse, they have the same personality that we do as their parents.

As our children come more into their own, when we understand them, at a deep level we are able to see that their thoughts really are much closer to our thoughts . . . but their process to getting to what they and we want for them is often very different.

When we understand their personality as well as our own personality, we understand at a deep level that we may need them more for our own personal development than they need us.

This is true . . . it really is . . . and took me probably almost 25 years of parenting and seven children before I realized this.  I'm a little slow as my children will attest.  :-)

3. Teachers
Some of the most influential people in the lives of teenagers are teachers and that influence can save the life of a teenager.  That's almost nothing that can take the life of a teenager faster and in a more traumatic and life ripping way than an automobile accident.  

What's so great about this project is that once we understand our students, their personality, whatever subject we are teaching, we will automatically become better teachers.  Why?  As our students better understand our personality they will understand what we value and what we are looking for at a very deep level in whatever subject we are teaching.  

Do we want them to see the big picture and / or the details?  Do we want them to see the application to their own individual lives and / or the lives of others?  Once our students know our personality and that of themselves and their classmates each student will have a DNA type of map, kind of like breaking the code as to what motivates them to learn and the entire purpose they have behind learning.    

This is so much more than learning how to be a safe driver but learning how we, as adults and teenagers feel, think and do what we do.  It's a lot of fun, will improve the relationships we have with our students, will connect us with their parents, students will have more fun in our classes, will "get" our subjects more and why what they are learning is important to their lives, how students learn, how teachers teach and so much more.

It's really impossible to communicate all the value we will gain as a teacher and the value we will give our students and their parents.

4. Community / Government Leaders
If we're part of any type of community based organization it's probably fair to say that at some point we are touching or being touched by teenagers.  Teenagers will soon, so very soon become adults and when we make the difference in the lives of teenagers we make a difference in the future for the entire community.

Whatever your role, whatever your cause, whomever you touch this program will change the way you serve, those your serve forever.  Why?  If you're dealing with young children they will become teenagers and helping them to understand how they are built, their personality, will help them better navigate their preteen and teen years.  

If you are serving teens, then the connections are obvious from reviewing the materials.  If you are serving adults they probably have or will have some connection to teens in some area of their lives at some point.  

One of the hardest aspects, for any adult is to see a teenager, struggle with the very difficult things that teenagers struggle with.  Often adults feel helpless and / or don't know what to do.  If we as adults intervene, that often doesn't work, if we don't that often doesn't work out so well either.  What ire we to do? provides invaluable resources which help us as community leaders to provide resources to those we employee within the community as well as their family.  Understanding the fun behind our own personality, the personality of others and how personalities work well or don't work well is powerful for any human interaction.

If we in the community, offer direct valuable help to those who are connecting with teens on a regular basis we bring so much value to those we serve day in and day out.  

What might be nicest about this is that it doesn't really require any of our time, any staffing, anything financially / budget wise, it's all there just for the taking. 

5. Business Leaders
What is the number one thing we need to do in business?  Would you agree it's to bring value to people?  Is there anything that you can think which may be more valuable than saving the life of teens and helping families better understand and connect with parents and children?

We know . . . you might be thinking, "What has this got to do with my business as my business is . . . ?"

We as business leaders often need work in thinking outside the box.  Are we marketing, selling and servicing adults?  Do those adults have teenagers in some aspect of their lives?  Would it be fair to say that probably every adult has at least a few teenagers they are connected to in one way or another? 

As a business owner myself and a parent of seven children I, as most consumers, are very sensitive to "Does a business just want my business or do they really care about me personally?"  One of the best ways you could ever care for me . . .or really any adult is to provide some type of resources which will help my children / teenagers or the teenagers of those around me.   

If you would like to gain more access to great prospects, grow your business in a very innovative way, provide more high paying jobs within the community, impact your community and be a thought leader in your industry by creating a "Relational" business model vs. a "Transnational" model this is a great project to get involved with.  
There are so many great causes you can plug into which will help others and grow your business at the same time check on the following -

Funding Participation
There are many different ways you can participate in this very worthwhile cause in saving the lives of teenage drivers.  Teens, parents, teachers, friends and family all wish to thank you for your participation.

Individual - Level 1

$3/each teen helped . . . Each teen who registers for assistance will receive a customized personality assessment, a relationship building kit and an online life development course which will help them to discover their life vision, set goals based on that life vision, dreams, and passions. 

I would like to help ___ of teenagers.


Individual - Level 2

$6/month - each teen helped . . . In addition to everything offered in Level 1, Level 2 also provides online and live webinars / conference calls for teens to tap into each and every week to assist them with anything that may be on their mind. Teens are able to attend without anything other than their first name to maintain their privacy.  Each of these sessions are recorded and then made available based on topics discusses with teen from all around the world.

I would like to help ___ of teenagers.

Individual - Level 3

$100 / month - Sponsor a whole school, maybe your own high school or the high school your children or other teens you love attend.  Your sponsorship will be mentioned and you may select to be unanimous, have it in memory of someone, or could be a living memorial for someone you are grateful to have in your life.


Company / Organization - Level 1

$250 / month - Sponsor a whole school, maybe your own high school or the high school your children or other teens you love attend.  Your sponsorship will be mentioned for your business / organization along with direct links to your company website.

Licensing to promote your participation is available as well as marketing filers and resources to help you grow and expand your business are also available.


Company / Organization - Level 2

$950 / month - Sponsor a whole district, maybe your own high school or the high school your children or other teens you love attend.  Your sponsorship will be mentioned for your business / organization along with direct links to your company website.

This includes special programs for middle schools and elementary schools to assist in the development of skills to "Reach beyond one's dreams and goals in every area of one's life."

Licensing to promote your participation is available as well as marketing filers and resources to help you grow and expand your business are also available.


Company / Organization - Level 3

$2,500 / month - Sponsor a whole district, maybe your own high school or the high school your children or other teens you love attend.  Your sponsorship will be mentioned for your business / organization along with direct links to your company website.

This level of sponsorship includes everything in Level 2 as well as . . . A twelve month customized Community / Business Partnership plan to assist you business / organization to help the most people in the community and grow your business all at the same time.  

Licensing to promote your participation is available as well as marketing filers and resources to help you grow and expand your business are also available.



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