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More than 343,000 women die during childbirth every year. We are Saving Mothers, and we need your help.

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At Saving Mothers, we believe that no woman should die giving life. So we have made it our mission to eradicate preventable maternal deaths and birth-related complications in developing countries. Founded and run by medical professionals, we bring field-tested, low-tech solutions to this problem. Solutions like our post-partum hemorrhage kits and safe birth kits which - at a cost of only $10 per kit - have the power to save lives in even the most isolated areas. We also educate birth attendants  and other medical professionals on how to ensure safe deliveries and how to deal with complications like post-partum hemorrhage and eclampsia. This training is vital as in many cases these attendants represent the only form of care available to obstetric patients. On another level, it is a wonderful way to empower these women, as it enables many to be compensated for their services. Finally, we bring much needed surgical care to address birth-related complications including incontinence and fistula, which left untreated, can lead to lifelong ostracism for affected women.