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My desperate attempt to secure my children's future after we were abandoned in May, 2013.

My goal is to save our very small and beautiful first home in a small community Pilot Point, Texas where we consider our lives here a Paradise. My children Raymond age 15 and Rozzy age 12 are souls that I look at everyday in awe that I have their presence in my life.

Raymond is my father who passed away when I was 12 in the Caribbean. I would visit Dad every morning before school to feed, bathe and take care of him, then go in the opposite direction to school. The morning he passed was an hour before I visited him and I knew at the very moment that my son would be named after my father and it would be a journey of taking care of Dad from a baby.

Rozzy, talks a lot and is stunningly intelligent that challenges the status quo with a natural leadership style. She does not take no for an answer and can negotiate for solutions that is a win win for all.

Both of my children have earned the most amazing respect and support of our small community.

It is a PROMISE I made to them to raise them up in a small community, in their own home, to experience the power of a small community's Love, Support and Contribution to enrich their lives to make the world better than they found it, for themselves and future generations they may never know of.

Our lives were ripped apart from a marriage that ended after 18 years and we experienced something that no one should have to go through in being abandoned for 6 months.

The experience almost ended me and lost a great job. I've been fighting so hard to make this an experience that leads to great things especially saving our home, which is in foreclosure.

I've worked with Bank of America, a company I was so passionate about working there for 13 years until I was laid off for the first time in my career. A request for a modification of our mortgage was initiated in January 2012, and declined 9 months later because the value of our home was less that what I owed. This stunned me as it felt I was being penalized for market conditions I didn’t create.

In March 2013 we submitted a second request for a loan modification and 8 months later I received a letter declining our eligibility for a loan modification due to missing the first month's payment per the 3-month trial period. It devastated us since there was no 3 Month Trial Period offered. After following the normal appeal's process we received 2 more letters by FedEx again declining our eligibility for a loan modification.

This attempt to secure Raymond's and Rozzy's future is not about the home but giving them a chance to grow up in a community they worked so hard to establish themselves as contributors and leaders. With so many things we're facing, I dream and pray to at the least stabilize their lives by keeping them in the home they love so much. Our home is small and one of a kind in Pilot Point where there are no fences and connects 2 divisions allowing residents, kids, neighbors to freely explore the neighborhood and connect with each other making the community a close family environment.

We know that losing a home isn't the end of the world, and what we aiming to do is sustain our community support of each other and improving Pilot Point better than we found it by investing and contributing in it.

I'm open to all ideas and I'm starting this process as a means to have something we are trying since all other attempts have failed.

I gratefully thank you for any support, no matter how small, and can guarantee that it will be an investment in our lives and your lives for influencing and inspiration that will be felt by many.



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