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Saying Our Last Goodbyes

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Our good friend, Mayla is migrating to London in a few months time. She was really a good friend, a pillar of support, a trustworthy sister for me and my buddies. Seeing her leaving would be heart-wrecking, but it's inevitable. She would be leaving for education, and her Dad has better job opportunities there. Imagine your good friend leaving you for good. It's definitely easy to say that he or she would come back to visit. But to be more practical, it's not merely about the cost of travelling, accommodation, or food, but also the time. Time is priceless; we know that. With contrasting education systems, it's almost impossible for Mayla to visit us that frequent. Use Skype, some of you might be wondering. But she's like family, will Skype really suffice? So we were thinking of hosting a final farewell party for her. It'll be complete surprise, a prestigious, a memorable one. We'll get gifts, with imprints of our ( group of five close sisters ) faces, we'll get her favourite idol to come, we'll hire a professional magician over to perform for her as she loves magic. But all these requires time and effort, which we would put our heart and soul into. However, we need your help. We'll need funds. So please everybody, help us fund this project, and make this a successful and memorable one for Mayla. Make this event so etched in her mind that she'll never EVER forget the bonds, the joy, and the ties we have forged On behalf of Mayla and the rest, I thank you very much.



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