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sb seed

sb seed
United States
Stuff About Me:

trying to create and run a non-profit pc game company/entity... so far every idea i have had has been stolen and plagerized to hell, the end result has always been garbage a subspecies of crap and detritus that isnt fit for digital or RL space to inhabit.

i havent given up just yet, also it seems at times i should since everyone seems to be against what to me has been a no brainer... getting back to basics in regards to PC gaming and any form of gaming really, to turn away from the greed that has poisoned the industry and start creating for the joy of creating great stories/games and technologies... with that in mind i have been trying to create a game engine, now unfortunetly people still need to eat and have a roof etc. over their heads for them and their families, so i cant expect others to forgo what i am willing to do myself (payment for working on games/game engines and other game related projects).


so i need a way to pay individuals so they can eat and take care of their families while i oversee what is being worked on... that is to say they will be earning every penny i will be paying them, not myself, them.

there is a fundamental to my madness, i believe that those who actually do the work in regards to (well) anything deserve the pay... those who do less or no actual work but supervising (me) should recieve the least amount of pay.

those who do the dirtiest jobs or the hardest work are the ones who deserve to be paid for their collective time, this may seem crazy but its not.... any money i collect in that regard will go directly to those who do the work, from the programmers to those who work on the models for the games to the janitors and other maintenance people who will eventually need to be hired for a central office/building location for these people to gather at.


there are a few things we will need to work on first, namely how the end product will be distributed... should it be free since we will be recieving public funding or donations for the work, or should it be a low cost product that can help support those who have given to us before / the people we hire / rent and other concerns?

i will be setting up a area for feedback in this regard, to help decide how what you pay for is going to be treated... and ultimately how this group/team/etc. will operate in the future.



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