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Scalabrini International Migration Netwo...

Scalabrini International Migration ...
CROWDRISE : Aug 17, 2017
Tax ID: 59-3841869
BASED: New York, NY, United States


Our Mission

SIMN’s mission is to safeguard and promote the dignity and rights of migrants, refugees, internally displaced people, seafarers, itinerants, and people on the move.

The Congregation of the Missionaries of Saint Charles, Scalabrinians, has been working with migrants and refugees since its foundation in 1887. From the end of the nineteenth century until post-World War II, the Scalabrinians worked to establish parishes, schools, hospitals, migrant service centers, cultural centers, orphanages, nursing homes, cooperatives, migrant associations, and service committees. In the 1950s, the Scalabrinians extended their mission to all migrants and expanded programs and services worldwide. In order to strengthen coordination of these services, the Scalabrinians established the Scalabrini International Migration Network (SIMN) in 2005 as an umbrella organization. SIMN encompasses over 250 entities that serve and advocate for migrants and people on the move. SIMN operates on five continents in 34 different countries through a network of Scalabrinian Migration Centers providing services and advocacy programs to more than 200,000 migrants and refugees a year to facilitate their integration within hosting communities as well as their reintegration when they return to their own countries.

Tax ID: 59-3841869 •


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