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Sudden Cardiac-death Awareness Research Foundation Tax ID 46-0997261


What is S.C.A.R.F.?

Sudden . Cardiac-death . Awareness . Research . Foundation .


S.C.A.R.F. is an organization dedicated to educating people about the signs and prevention of Sudden Cardiac Death/Arrest.  The general population is unaware of the fact that heart related conditions are the leading cause of death within the United States, more that most major cancers combined!

Despite the staggering numbers of deaths that sudden cardiac arrest causes each year, it is not a high-profile killer.  Many instances of sudden cardiac arrest occur without immediate warning, with minimal or easily overlooked symptoms.  However, what most people (even healthcare providers) don’t realize is that there are plenty of signs that point toward future cardiac problems. 

In addition to the informational resources and training we provide, we are unique as an organization in that we actually also treat patients ourselves.  We are on the front lines with issue of heart disease.  We understand what challenges patients have to overcome on a regular basis. 

We hope you join us in our mission to reduce this epidemic of heart disease. We appreciate your continued support.