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Southern California Bulldog Rescue, Inc. Tax ID 20-8382808


We rescue and rehome English Bulldogs that owners have left at shelters, surrendered to vet offices or abandoned as being unwanted any longer.

Our volunteers go to animal shelters though out Southern California to rescue bulldogs that have been left at the shelter or strayed away from home that never come to claim them as being wanted.

The rescue sees that each and everyone of these bulldogs is given proper medical care that may of been over looked for years or a 'lifetime' for the bulldog.  We provide food, shelter and medical care to help the bulldog get better and then find a home or provide hospice care for the bulldog.

Our volunteers work with families that have bulldogs to find experienced medical care, food and training needed so a family can keep a family pet still.

Our collective goal to to save the lives of bulldogs in needed and give them hope.