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Southern California German Shepherd Rescue Inc.

Southern California German Shepherd Rescue focuses on dogs that no one else will; the discarded seniors, the rejected special needs dogs, the medically compromised animals requiring special care or surgery. Consider helping us today, and saving a dog that doesn't have a chance without our help. Tax ID 20-5500458


Each year, we rescue, rehabilitate, provide spay/neuter and vet care to many needy animals.  Since our inception in 2006, we’ve rehomed over 950 animals! 

This year, in 2018, we’re committed to a large focus on rescuing senior and special-needs dogs, like Georgie, our focus for this campaign. George was hit by a car while stray, picked up by animal control and waited weeks, in pain, for his family to come. They never did. Southern California German Shepherd Rescue stepped up, rescued and arranged for George's surgical care.  The vet estimate is $6500 and we hope to provide him with a $2,500 scholarship  to swim therapy to make sure his bones and muscles heal strong!!

As you know, Socal Rescue provides for the most needy dogs - and those dogs go on to homes where they are the light of their family's lives. By donating to our organization, you will help George AND help us win the Saving Pets Challenge! Such animals are often overlooked by organizations because of the inherently high costs and risks associated with rescuing older and needier dogs.  This population often faces very costly medical care to treat their conditions as well as long-term care needs due to these animals being more difficult to place in forever homes. Would you consider helping us today by making a donation?

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