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CROWDRISE : Jul 03, 2010
Tax ID: 24-4636077
BASED: Schenectady, NY, United States


Our Mission

to serve all cancer patients of Schenectady County and to help improve the entire spectrum of cancer care in Schenectady County.

The Schenectady Cancer Foundation provides rides to and from cancer-related appointments to residents of Schenectady County. Many people in our community cannot afford the cost of private transportation, and the feasibility of public transportation while in treatment is both complicated and cumbersome. This is where the Schenectady Cancer Foundation steps in to help. Operating solely on donations and grants, we have provided thousands of free rides to Schenectady residents battling cancer. The only major debt of our organization is the lease on our van. We are launching this Crowdrise campaign to pay off the van, so that we can ensure the longevity of this crucial and necessary program.  

More rides mean better access to care, and can increase the number of cancer survivors in Schenectady County.  It’s that simple.

Did you know that the Schenectady Cancer Foundation is the ONLY not-for-profit offering this kind of cancer support free of charge in our community? Right now, our van is running four days a week for approximately 5 hours per day. However, there is a demand for more days and more hours. We know that the security of this service is critical to our friends and neighbors suffering from cancer. Paying off the debt from our van will help ensure that our critical cancer support services can continue, uninterrupted. Additionally, with the money saved from monthly van payments, we hope to hire additional drivers so that service can be restored to 5 days per week for Schenectady County cancer patients. 

Our programs and free services are not possible without donations from individuals and businesses in our community who share our commitment to providing support to people with cancer. We hope you will join us in this Crowdrise Campaign and help us ensure that our ability to deliver quality services continues. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Tax ID: 24-4636077 •


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