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Schnauzer Rescue Of The Carolinas

"Saving just one dog won't change the world...but surely the world will change for that one dog." Author Unknown


 SRC is a reputable nonprofit rescue organization founded in June, 2003. To date our nonprofit 501c3 rescue organization has placed more than 4500 canines in loving and stable adoptive homes with adoptive parents who have qualified through our approval process.  Our primary purpose  is to save endangered Mini, Standard, or Giant Schnauzers and when there is adquate space plus funding also Honorary Schnauzers, from abuse, neglect and ultimate euthanasia. 

All  of  our volunteers are committed to assuring our rescued canines receive the best possible life once they are saved, vetted, and evaluated plus any problems are addressed. Many of the victims we assist are from puppy mills, strays, or  dogs whose owners can no longer afford to care for them.  SRC vets each one and places them in loving, experienced foster homes for evaluation where these dogs are prepared  for adoption to approved applicants who have been stringently examined through our approval process. This process includes an application, vet reference and home visit. These rescued dogs, once prepared for adoption, are placed within our approved adoption area and SRC commits to their full natural lifetime.  Looking for the canines who need us the most we do not "cherry-pick" but accept those with the greatest need.  That often includes canines with injuries, bladder stones, or so elderly that they can no longer be considered adoptable.  Often those who are not adoptable are retired to our "hospice foster homes" so that they may live out their natural lives with love and care rather than perish by euthanization or worse being set out to die of starvation and neglect. All of these dogs are cared for by the donations of our supporters who understand the importance of SRC's worthy mission.

SRC has treated cataracts, Cushings, bladder stones, severe injuries including dogs which were attacked while tied outstide with no way to protect themselves.  SRC has even picked up canines who were critical and could not survive merely to assure that they would pass comfortably in a vet's office with a loving volunteer at their side because every dog deserves that respect.  None should pass alone without any hope.  We make every effort to save all who have the will to live and work with them to find loving home.  SRC volunteers have hand-fed newborn puppies who were abandoned and saved Mothers and babies who were thrown out of moving vehicles during cold winter nights to freeze.  At one time, SRC accepted 65 Schnauzers in one situation and vetted them all.  We found loving homes for all after they were fully vetted and each has flourished after coming to our safe haven.  SRC tries to leave no dog behind whenever there are sufficient funds and a foster home to place them.

 SRC also works diligently to educate the public as to the wisdom and health advantages of spay/neuter and good nutrition  plus dental care for their canines.  We encourage micro-chipping of their family companions and chip our rescues.  We believe that through education people will come to realize that the way Society treats their animal population is the way they are going to be judged personally.  In order to better our World we must start by improving the treatment of the most innocent and those who cannot help themselves.  Our volunteers consider this their calling and work diligently to assure that people come to understand how intelligent these canines are.  They feel pain and remember the horrors they experience so it is important that people understand that and education is a beginning. 

SRC is here to assist in many ways.  We offer comfort to those who mourn, help those who want to adopt, offer sources to those who are looking for answers, and we work diligently to assure that all Schnauzers and Honorary Schnauzers receive loving homes  once they are fully evaluated so that those homes may be targeted to their needs and or desires.