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EVENT: Singularity Scholarships

EVENT DATE: Jun 18, 2011

Geo Scripcariu


Marianne Abreu wrote -

Why me?

  • Focused on human-centered design and natural human-computer interfaces, with the current research "The gestural language rescue for human-computer communication";
  • Immediately invited to attend the Master Course from the Psychology Departament of University of Brasilia after presenting her project "Enterativa: Interactive Design for the new organizational challenges";
  • Published scientific papers about "neonomadism, a new concept for mobility behavior" and "how sociological and cognitive studies affect interactive interfaces";
  • TEDxEvents Organizer in Rio de Janeiro;
  • User Experience Designer at the largest media conglomerate in Latin America, whose products influence millions of people everyday.
Age: 27
SU Track: Futures Studies & Forecasting
Degrees Obtained:
BA, Industrial Design, University of Brasilia, 2006. 
Postgraduate Degree in Digital and Interactive Media, 2011.
Why Singularity University?
According to Ray Kurzweil, technology is following an exponential growth.
However, throughout this time, we built a gap between people and computers. For years, computers were developed from a very strong function point of view.
Now, we are on the knee of curve from this exponential growth and humanity pleads for new ways to use technology in order to meet the need of millions of people and get an anthropocentric point of view for new technological products.
I would like to study at Singularity University to learn how technology can help humanity and how humanity can guide technology.
I have some projects that can improve human development and I would like to be able to develop them.
I'm near there, I just need your help now.


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