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School for Chris in Bali

Organized by: Libby Crow

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Hi! :) Libby here--I'm on week 4 of my Bali adventure and loving the sweet smell of incense from offerings throughout the day, the amazing food and fun that spirals around the island, and especially the people I'm meeting--travelers and locals. I'm off to India in a few days but before I leave this sacred land, I want to do something special and I would love your help! I'm staying at this place in Canggu, Bali that I adore. I first booked a couple nights, then added more, then added even more. It's darling--the people that own the place are sweet, the people who stay here are stellar, and the vibe is all around yummy. I don't usually have breakfast here although it's a bed and breakfast haha--and that's just because I really dig the smoothie bowls down the road--but each morning I watch this young boy preparing meals for the guests, hustling, and smiling. You know those people who you look at and you can just tell they have the best intentions and are good to the bone??...that's this kid. This morning I walked over to where he prepares breakfast and asked him if he could brew some tea for me. While it was brewing we got into a beautiful conversation. He got to practice speaking English and was really happy about that, but he had no idea what an impact our talk had on me. And he might not know, until we surprise him with THIS! :) I love to ask questions and get to know people. I started asking him about his family and his life. He told me about how his mom died 2 years ago and I shared with him that my dad died a few years ago too. We talked about how that was hard losing a parent no matter how old you are (I found out he's currently 17 years old). I asked him a lot of questions as I was curious how his mom's passing impacted his life. His dad has to quit his job to stay home and take care of his brothers. His older brother has special needs and his younger brother is still in elementary. I switched the subject and asked him how much he makes a month working 6 days a week at the place I was staying. He said 2 million rupiah. Just so you know, that's $150.52 US dollars a month. Now, I get it...that's kind of normal for a salary here, but to many that's a nice dinner out and a movie. It got my wheels turning.... Then, I asked are you in school? He said yes! He just started tourism school. He goes to school at night starting at 6pm when his shift ends here. It's a 2 year program and each year costs 13 million rupiah ($978.43 US dollars). I asked him how that works out if he's supporting his Dad, his two brothers, himself, and paying for school. He looked at me and said, "Well, not much left." (with a sweet Balinese smile/laugh and made a few gestures and words about having to eat, ride a bike to work and school) ..."so I work as much as I can. Not much sleep or time with family but I learn a lot and hope one day be a manager." I thanked him for my tea and told him it was really good to meet him and walked back into my room and cried. Not because I felt bad for him--he's in great spirits and very wise! I cried because of his heart. So dedicated to family, learning, doing things purely. I cried because I have the opportunity to change his life. Actually, WE do. There are many people all over the world doing what they can to live the life they want. To feel supported, to support their loved ones, to eat and play a little. :) So I started thinking about it...all day today. I thought...What if I could just pay for a year of his schooling!? That would make ALL the different in the world! His entire LIFE would be changed by the price of a plan ticket back home to the US. Throughout the day today I've been playing with this idea. How would he feel? Would he be shocked? Would he cry? Would he hug me? Would this change the course of his life and his family's life forever? I got excited. I started looking at my bank account tonight and was punching some numbers and thought okay, I can probably make this happen...then I remembered...the power of community, which is why I instantly came to the idea of asking for your help. I don't have to do hard thing, amazing things, or ANYthing alone. In April for my birthday I created a giveback initiative in my neighborhood for the homeless and we raised over $1300.00 US dollars in 48 hours! We made such a serious impact that day distributing bags to the homeless and making people's day! It sure made my day! So I came here to this Crowdrise site to do this for this boy, because, we truly can help him in a big way by giving a little. I think this is a good example of that phrase "A little goes a long way." I thought it would be a life changing GIFT to pay for 1 year of his schooling. It's $978.43 US dollars. I leave on Friday for India and would love to give it to him Thursday. That gives us 4 days. We can do this. I know it! Let's sparkle some magic in his life. Xo-Libby


Organized by

Libby Crow

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