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School Dist 6

School Dist 6
CROWDRISE : Mar 12, 2014
Tax ID: 93-6000508
BASED: Central Point, OR, United States


School Dist 6

Rogue Studies SLC

In our program students earn English, World Studies, and Environmental Science credit to meet current graduation requirements. We will study the Americas, Africa, Europe, Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East through integration of these core subjects. We will use project-based learning and work with a variety of agencies to provide opportunities for hands-on learning through field research and lab-based investigative studies. This is an environmentally conscious program and we expect students to take ownership of the land and provide all necessary cleanup and maintenance for the facility in order to become stewards of the environment.

We are the science based small learning community in Crater Renaissance Academy of Arts and Sciences.  We are dedicated to enriching the lives of CRA students through place based education and project based learning. 


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