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CROWDRISE : Aug 29, 2014
Tax ID: 46-4316094
BASED: San Marcos, TX, United States



Childhood Hunger

Fighting childhood hunger in San Marcos, Texas when meals aren't provided by schools is our main goal. We aim to stamp out hunger in our six elementary schools.

75% of our children in our district are on free or reduced lunch.  Many of these children go home on the weekends to little or no food available to eat. They come back to school on Monday hungry.  How can students concentrate on school work when their tummies are aching with hunger pangs?  The only thing on the mind of these chidren is their next meal.

Our community has answered the hunger cry.  We are all volunteers, representing different organizations, denominations, and societal groups, but are all unified by the love for our children and their education.

Our goal is to see that on Fridays they go home with a sack of nutritional food to end this vicious cycle.

Funding is vital to the continuing success of our program.

Tax ID: 46-4316094 • Http://


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