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School tution for Africa AIDS orphans

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Five years ago I had the opportunity to travel to Africa and visit the country of Uganda. This is a land of great natural beauty. It also is a very poor country. The long lasting effects of HIV / AIDS is ever present.

Up to 2 million children in Uganda have lost one or both parents to AIDS. These children face a daily struggle to meet their own basic needs. Due to limited government support, children must find their own source of money for school fees, school supplies, and the required uniform. Without the proper funds, they are not allowed to attend school. Such funds are beyond the reach of the struggling orphan. Without a basic education, the children's chance for a positive, self-sufficient future is severely limited. Food and basic medical present further challenges to the orphans of Uganda.

Upon my return, I became aware of the work of the Makula Fund for Children, a non-profit organization founded in 2005 in response to these challenges in Uganda. In the native language of Luganda, "Makula" means "gift." The Makula Fund is dedicated to providing Uganda's orphans with the gift of a positive future.

The Makula Fund for Children directly supports:
• School tuition, supplies, and uniforms
• "Breakfast Clubs" to provide a nourishing daily meal during the school year
• Medical care for the children most in need

I am presently sponsoring the education of two children through the Makula Fund, and I help the work of this organization by serving on the board of directors.

My goal today is to raise enough money to provide school tuition for one more child for the next school year. The cost of tuition is $450.

Please help me achieve this goal and send a child to school.


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