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to provide really fun hands-on science learning opportunities for Pittsburgh's underprivileged students. Tax ID 46-4305527


The Scientist Factory is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization which provides high quality, interactive science learning opportunities for students and school districts that have traditionally not had proportionate access to high quality, out-of-school-time (OST) science enrichment learning and to the associated benefits of such activities.

We endeavor to increase student access to extracurricular science educational enrichment learning through our after-school enrichment program as well as through our annual summer camp experiences in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Our method of content delivery is that the learner’s experience should engage multiple intelligences and senses, with emphasis on personal interaction with ideas. During a program, the student becomes the scientist conducting an experiment or an engineer designing a prototype, and they are encouraged towards discoveries through interaction, and to synthesize conclusions that resonate with them individually.

We intend for the Scientist Factory’s activities to empower young learners and the communities in which they live towards the documented benefits of OST science learning, which includes increased self-confidence and academic achievement, increased school attendance and educational outcomes, safer communities, and stronger, more stable families.