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Laura Dyas' Fundraiser:

Scleroderma Foundation MI Chapter's Annual Appeal

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Laura Dyas via Crowdrise
December 10, 2010

Donating to the MI Chapter means you know where your dollars are being spent!  See more
Laura Dyas


The Scleroderma Foundation Michigan Chapter's Annual Appeal needs your help. This yearly appear will directly benefit several programs. Funds will be used to help to train the state's support group leaders so that they can continue to lead the Chapter's support groups. These groups meet on a monthly basis and members receive educational and emotional support. Family members and caregivers are invited to attend. The funds will also be used to create an awareness program. The goal is to place billboards up in the state so that scleroderma patients can feel less alone when they first learn they have scleroderma and those who need more help will know where to reach out to. Fund will also be used to create a PSA so that awareness of scleroderma can be spread. Finally, funds will be used to continue to promote the advocacy program. For the past two years the MI Chapter has been working hard to promote the work on the HR 2408, Scleroderma Research and Awareness Bill. Without this Bill, funding for research and awareness will not be possible.

As you can see the MI Chapter has large goals but with YOUR help we can achieve them. Together we can bring HOPE to those in the state of MI who live with scleroderma every day and fight to wake up every morning and overcome the many obstacles that come with a disease that has no known cause or cure.

Donating to the Annual Appeal means you know where your dollars are being spent. This money will not be spent on operational expenses, it will go directly to programs and services and will truly touch lives! What a great feeling you will have as you drive by a billboard knowing YOU helped put that there and a patient driving by looked up and smiled feeling not so alone.

Thanks so much for helping by reaching out and helping a charity that mean so much to me. I know you have a choice as to where you give your money and I appreciate you sharing my belief that the MI Chapter is the BEST non profit around. I would not work anywhere else because I believe in the mission and once you meet a scleroderma patient and hear their life story trust me, your life will be changed as much as mine has been.



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