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The American Adventure Service Corps (TA...

The American Adventure Service Corp...
CROWDRISE : Jul 28, 2012
Tax ID: 56-2024733
BASED: Asheville, NC, United States


The American Adventure Servi...

Our Mission

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TAASC is a year-round program dedicated to inspiring young people to become compassionate leaders, stewards of the environment and responsible community members. We believe every young person has the potential to become compassionate and transformational leaders in society. Through adventure education, service learning and quality instruction we aim to develop qualities connected to a strong sense of self and an adventurous spirit. 

Students' minds and bodies are both challenged and developed as they push themselves one mile further hiking, a hand hold higher climbing, and a stronger paddle forward down the river. These activities and the social cooperation required for their success, develop qualities of trust, confidence, discipline, compassion, self-awareness, personal responsibility and initiative. All too often, such qualities are not learned in conventional classrooms and schools.

The development of a positive service ethic is a major objective of TAASC. Our students engage in creative service projects, fostering a sense of purpose and ownership for community needs and services. Through serving a diverse demographic base and partnering with other community organizations for our services, students' understanding of diversity is deepened and the potential and strength of community infrastructure is heightened.

Tax ID: 56-2024733 •


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