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Michael Russell's Fundraiser:

A Film Project in the Solomon Islands called, "SCOUTS"

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EVENT DATE: Feb 15, 2012


Michael Russell


Hello, my name is Mike Russell and I am a filmmaker/director. I have been involved with a couple Hollywood films and tv shows in Miami and have directed some of my own. Right now I am currently wrapping up a MFA in Directing, however, I came up with a project idea when I was working in the Solomon Islands this last year.

The film project that I am trying to lift off ground is about a proposed short film in the Solomon Islands. The story is based on the Solomon Islands Second World War scouts and coast watchers in Honiara at the Battle of Guadalcanal.

I have worked with developers in this country who have just recently put up a monument titled, "Pride of Our Nation" to give back a memorial to the local Solomon Islanders who fought in WWII.

The battles that happen during WWII there showed the war service and bravery of Solomon Islanders and must be spread out to the rest of the world to build their pride of a nation.

During WWII, the the scouts kept the coast watchers (British) safe and also gathered information on the enemy’s movement.

History has showed that if it wasn’t for the scouts and coast watchers there wouldn’t have been Guadalcanal and without Guadalcanal, the war in the pacific would not have been won.

Based on this short history, I have already met several Solomon Islanders and they are happy about my project idea and would really like to see it come alive.

The idea is to use local film crews, actors and actresses, and other locals to help film this short film that I propose to make less than 30 minutes.

The goal is to send this film to film festivals around the world, but not for fame or money, I would like to share this to the rest of the world about the great people of this small island in the pacific who played a major part of WWII and they should be recognized for their sacrifices.

The goal is to raise $20,000. Although a large amount of money to raise, the costs to fly down to the Solomon Islands is quite high as well as paying the locals to help me make the film.

If your interested in donating to my fundraiser, I will give you producing credits. Also since I am a director, I am writing the script, but if there are any writers out there that would be interested in joining me, then by all means contact me about it. I would love your help. more heads are better than one. : )

The goal of the short film is to depict the life of a local Solomon Islander scout and what their view of WWII was all about. Basically, incorporate a short heros journey, but the theme of the film that I want to portray is pride in a small country, bigger than the world.

The overall goal is to get the audience to be proud of where they come from.

I hope to see your donations.

Thank you.

Mike Russell

Below is a link to my film credits:



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