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SCRAP AUTISM - Give Us Your Cans


AFAST INC via Crowdrise
April 18, 2012

A special needs adult can recycle your cans, inkjet cartridges & electronics and even give you a tax receipt.  See more



Statement of Purpose

The Scrap Autism Initiative is an exciting new program of AFAST, Inc. that will match special needs adults with career mentors and volunteers where they receive an income as an employee of a non-profit charity.


The mission of the Scrap Autism Initiative will be to provide the framework that will allow special needs adults to contribute to their own support, help the environment and make positive connections between the community at large, the business community and their caregivers through “Green Solutions”.
Program Objectives:

Objective One
Match 5 special needs adults with career mentors

Objective Two
Recruit 20 households that agree to donate their recyclables to Scrap Autism.

Objective Three
Recruit 5 business partners that agree to donate their recyclables to Scrap Autism, promote mentoring, provide support for employees who are mentors, and contribute cash or in-kind resources to allow the initiative to become financially sustainable.

Objective Four
Recruit 5 local community organizations that agree to promote the Scrap Autism objective through volunteering, raising public awareness and fundraising.
Participant Objectives:

Objective One
Help an individual develop his/her own vision for the future and to encourage individuals to develop to their fullest potential.

Objective Two
Maintain high-quality relationships between mentees and mentors.

Objective Three
Provide special needs adults an alternative to a traditional “training center”
Action Steps

1. Awareness
a. Google Ads
b. Civic Organizations
c. Public Service Announcements/Press Releases
2. Fundraising
a. Donations
b. Raffles
c. Selling Recyclables
3. Recycling
a. High School/Middle School Recyclables Drives
b. Individual Household/Neighborhood Recyclables
c. Business Recyclables Recruitment



Participants, with the help of a mentor, will solicit recyclables from neighbors, schools and businesses. When someone donates their recyclables to Scrap Autism participants and mentors will collect the recyclables and provide the donator with a receipt for tax purposes if requested. The participants and mentors will prepare the recyclables for exchange. For tax purposes, all proceeds will be paid to the Scrap Autism program of AFAST, Inc. which in turn pays the participants as independent contractors.


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AFAST is a publicly supported IRS 501(c)(3) organization. Fundraisers,rafflesdonations and other revenue are what keep the community growing. Your support of the AFAST Community is needed.  Our Mission is to make a better place for those with special needs to work, grow and live. We are doing this by providing opportunities for those who can to help those who need a little more support.


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Gwen Grech

Gwen Grech


6 years ago

Beth Cafagna

Beth Cafagna


In memory of son Corey who worked hard to overcome his disability while inspiring everyone around him. He was a great student, musician & singer. 6 years ago