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SEALNet Project Singapore 2011

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EVENT DATE: Aug 17, 2011

Thuy Tien Tran


Quyen Nguyen wrote -

Guys, I know this looks like a long description - and it is; what can I say, Quyen likes to write - but please grant me just a little bit of your time and read til the end:

I've been involved with SEALNet for almost 3 years now and I love it because I get to work with the brightest brains from all over the world and together we change lives. We do. I was inspired by Project Vietnam '09 and now I'm part of Project Singapore for this summer of 2011. We're trying to raise US$10,000 for this project and for college students (and high school student aka me) that is a colossal amount of money.

If you're reading this, you are my friend and I appreciate your effort to read this and not disregard the link I've shared on facebook. Thank you so much.


You're not done! Nope! I'd love for you to understand my cause (by reading the more formal description of our project below), support me, and donate to Project Singapore 2011. And love me for who I am as well, I'd like that too. But yes, I'm fundraising for a great cause and I'm asking you to contribute to my project.

"How much do you expect me to give you?" is probably what you're thinking. I would not answer that question - I'm counting on you to give whatever you feel is apt and sensible. If you give little, I am NOT gonna think that "oh. so that's how much I'm worth." so please, even if you can't give a lot, just give anything. 2 bucks, 5 bucks, whatever.

If you can give more, oh god, please do. Your money is going to a project that foster empathy towards migrant workers in Singapore, so that there will be less and less cases of young domestic workers committing suicide or maids jumping off the windows because they are in debt, unable to finance their family and not sympathized by people around them.

So guys, please give. You can give cash to me when you see me in person or, if you have a credit card, you can donate here in and the money will go directly to SEALNet which will wire the cash to our project this August.

I'd really really appreciate it and if you've reached this point and still haven't given up on reading this, wow, you're a trooper. Please continue to read the formal description of Project Singapore 2011 because your will is made of steel and you are my friend. I don't have many, but you are one of them.

And don't forget, donate please. Thank you so so so much.

Ok so here goes the long and serious stake of our project:

"Every year more and more workers from various countries in Asia arrive in Singapore to seek a job. Since these workers are considered the new competition for Singaporeans in terms of jobs and housing, they often face difficulties integrating into their new environment in Singapore.

Migrant workers' problems could range from not knowing the language, not having a high level of education to not feeling comfortable breaking out of their comfort zone and assimilating to a new lifestyle.

This summer, Project Singapore 2011 aims to work with a high school in Singapore to not just help them with leadership skills (which is our primary goal for every project) but also raise their awareness and stimulate a new level of empathy from the students towards migrant workers.

Our team consists of 19 members from different colleges, institutions and countries all over the world.

We would really appreciate your help, support and especially your donations. (Otherwise team Singapore 2011 would have to carry out our project this year without any accommodation or food. Even then, we would still make it happen.)

But just think about it, with more fund that comes from each of your little donations, we could have even more resources to maximize our success and give even more to the students as well as the migrant workers in Singapore.

So please, please, PLEASE click the orange button that says 'Donate' and change someone's life this year in Singapore. Any amount from $10 will mean so much to us, and to me personally. I would be grateful to you. And so would the students and migrant workers in Singapore.

Please give."


Quyen Nguyen

Latin School of Chicago '12

Hanoi Amsterdam High School '12

SEALNet Project Singapore 2011


NOTE: When you give, please give your full name so I know who you are and I can repay you with flowers and all my loving later. Thanks!


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