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Sean Benton is a victim of Harassment/Stalking currently enrolled in Massachusetts Address Confidentiality Program(ACP). ACP is a program that allows victims to use a substitute mailing address, provided by the state, in place of their ACTUAL residential address. State law requires all STATE and LOCAL agencies of Government to accept the substitute address, which is a po box, as if it were their true physical residential address unless the Secretary of the Commonwealth has made an express written exemption. Sean has been trying to get the RMV, a State Agency, to update his address on his driver license with the PO BOX provided by the Secretary of the Commonwealth, the RMV does not have a written exemption. He has so far been unsuccessful and been stonewalled by both the ACP program, the Secretary of Commonwealth's legal counsel, and the RMV it's self. The RMV & the ACP program would rather have him print 630 Washington Street, Boston MA on his license, which is NOT his substitute mailing address in the ACP program, but is actually the physical address of the main Boston RMV branch. Because of this Mr. Benton, in good faith, provided the physical address of the post office where the post office box is, along with the box number, so that he could renew his license before it expired. While they will put his po box as the mailing address, Sean has concerns that putting 630 Washington Street on the face of the license may be harmful, for example if he was being served legal process and the opposing party's attorney looked him up in RMV records to serve him the license record would return 630 Washington Street as his residence, or if he was pulled over by an officer for a traffic infraction an officer may rely on the 630 Washington street address for the address he puts on the citation which could cause him to not receive correspondence from the courts. Instead of the agencies following the law, they are instead stonewalling Mr. Benton, as well as sending legal threats to cut him off of the program endangering his safety, and just recently the RMV has set up a "complaint regulatory" hearing for November 21st to determine if his license should be suspended for providing an 'incorrect' residential address on his license when he renewed it. Mr. Benton needs $1200 so he can hire an attorney for his upcoming hearing, should he be successful this may be a landmark for other victims of harassment, stalking and domestic violence who rely on the address confidentiality program and need their substitute address, not an RMV LOCATION WHERE THEY WILL NOT RECEIVE CORRESPONDENCE SENT TO THE LOCATION.



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