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Search and rescue boat for refugees in the Mediterranean

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David Verner


A far right group was able to raise $50000 in a matter of hours to purchase a boat to"hunt" refugees crossing the Mediterranean. The intent of their boat and cause is not right or left it's evil. It's one thing to leave people waiting at the boarder, it is only hate and ignorance to leave someone at the sea. This money will go towards a 30-50ft decommissioned search and rescue boat.( purchased in Europe to save fuel costs). A mechanic for the voyage and first mate.(I will not be paid but to give someone a bonus to keep the boat from sinking seems reasonable). Also, any needed repairs or equipment(i.e. Updated gps, radar and mass amount of life jackets and self inflating life boats) fuel, and mooring. I was a charter boat captain( diving, fishing, and the odd covert trip to Cuba) for a few years in Florida and personally sailed a good chunk of this side of the Atlantic. During which I participated in numerous search and rescue operations with refugees from the Caribbean and the weekend sailor caught/lost in a storm. I would like to say I was never a part a search and rescue team. I was asked to help cause my previous boat was capable of picking people up and towing boats in rough water. This is not politically motivated nor that well written. This is not to push my ideas or anyone else's ideas of immigration or their thoughts on the war. Right now, there are men and women preparing a large boat prevent refugees from landing on European soil. They have also stated mulitple times they are there to intercept search and rescue trying to provide assistance. Saving one person in clam water has it's challenges. Multiple boats with different objectives, sinking boats and hundreds in the water sounds a bit like hell. Most of these people have their children, their elderly, along side of little to no food. It doesn't take a miracle it just takes us being as motivated as the people who are ok with letting a person drown cause the don't look like them or follow the same path. We will be there to assist in any way we can for as long as we can. That will always be first priority. I would be lying however if I said we would not be tracking down that boat. With the goal of crippling their vessel using prop foulers, flash bangs, and mild tear gas. I don't usually condone these tactics but there is a time and place. If the countries that surround the Mediterranean aren't going to step in then we should.



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