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Support Sea to Shore Alliance by donating, or start your own fundraiser to help raise awareness for our cause! Tax ID 26-2568737


Sea to Shore Alliance (S2S) prides itself on being a fiscally modest organization, dedicating our resources to on-the-ground conservation activities and grassroots education. We maintain no central office space since one is not needed to support our field-based biologists. We receive funding from public and private sources including government and private grants, individual donations, sponsorships, contracted projects, bequests, and fundraisers.

We currently have projects in Florida, Belize, Cuba, and West Africa.
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Sea to Shore Alliance, a Florida-based 501(c)(3), was formed in 2008 by Dr. James A. Powell, along with a group of like-minded supporters and advisors.

We work to protect and conserve our world’s fragile coastal ecosystems and the endangered species that call them home. Our project areas are broad but they all focus on one of three key species: manatees, right whales, and sea turtles.

1. Each year in Florida many manatees are injured or become sick and must be rescued and treated at critical care facilities such as SeaWorld, Lowry Park Zoo or Miami Seaquarium. S2S is a proud member of the Manatee Rehabilitation Partnership, a unique group of private, non-governmental and governmental agencies who pool resources to rehabilitate manatees and release them back into the wild. Once a manatee is medically cleared to be released, S2S is responsible for tracking and monitoring them in the wild. The information we collect is used to improve protocols and pre-release training of manatees to improve their chances of survival in the wild. 

2. We also conduct daily aerial surveys between November and March to help locate North Atlantic right whales in the northern portion of their calving ground critical habitat. S2S helps provide the locations of individual whales, which are then provided in near real-time via the Early Warning System sighting network to notify mariners operating large vessels in these areas so they may elect to take immediate actions to reduce the likelihood of collisions with right whales.

3. Another project of S2S is our Neighbors Ensuring Sea Turtle Survival (NESTS), a free community-based program that helps promotes the protection of sea turtles and their nesting beaches through public education and encouraging community stewardship.Throughout the year, NESTS visits schools, businesses, and attends various wildlife festivals around the state to encourage the public to participate in and be rewarded for simple activities that benefit nesting sea turtles, their nests, and their hatchlings.

We are very grateful for your generosity and support!

Every little bit matters.