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This fundraiser is not really about me but about all those around me who love and care about me.

My name is Theresa. I'm 49 yrs old, seperated for several years, have 2 adult children in their late 20's and 2 wonderful grandchildren.

In 2009, I was diagnosed with non-hoskins about ringing my bell! My thought was: "What?!! Where the hell did that come from & what the hell is it!!!!" I've always been a pretty healthy person; great blood-pressure, not over weight, no diabetes, active, none of this other random crap other people what's up with this!

After my initial shock, anger, depression, fear & many beers....I said (to myself) "Fine! I've got this...time to get 'r done and get rid of it" So the journey of chemotherapy treatments, never-ending testing, hospitalization, etc. began. I worked the entire time because since "I was healthy I did not qualify for SS diabiity" (OK?) obviously they missed the life-threating part of my application, right? So, after 3 1/2 yrs., me and my doctors get rid of it-I am cancer free!!!!! for 9 months.

Now it's 2012, back in chemotherapy & my doc wants to do an autologous bone marrow transplant (using my own marrow). Not a walk in the park, hospitalization for weeks, recovery time post-BMT a year at more, absolutely no immune system for months, can't work, can't go out, can't be in public, stay away from colds, flus, germs, pets, kids, etc. But it will cure me!

So back to the fundraising part....I want raise funds to help cover the cost of transportation back in forth to BMTC (4 hrs away) for my family, temp housing for my family while I'm hospitalized and for myself post-procedure, home-health care for me when my family attempts to have a normal life instead of having to be with me 24/7, etc.

Cancer affects everyone around you. Some more than others. It's important to me to help my family while they help me. My BMT will not only cripple me for a year or more but them as well.

All funds not used for my care & costs will be donated to a organization to help other families with the many "hidden" costs associated with BM Transplantation.

Thank you,




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