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Artreach, Inc.

Sustainable recovery from mental health issues. We help people connect with their unique form of creativity and use that creativity in the service of their recovery. Tax ID 22-2921497


Artreach, Inc. supports its members' discovery of a path to recovery from mental health issues through the arts and holistic wellness practices. Artreach is also committed to eradicating the stigma associated with having a mental illness.

Our programs include The Second Step Players, an applied theater troupe composed of actors and production personnel who have experienced psychiatric disorders. The actors write and perform educational comedy to illuminate the issues faced by people with mental health issues. Their performances aim to create positive social change in the mental health field. At the same time, the actors build community by working together on the common goal of creating theater and music. The Players perform locally and nationally to deliver the message that Creativity Heals!  Audiences include health care providers in training (graduate nursing and psychology students); psychiatrists, psychologists, teachers, employers, family members and the general public. The Players perform several shows locally each year, and are also available for out of state touring.

Artreach's Music Program offers individuals the opportunity to hone their musical and performing skills. An annual Music Showcase brings together community musicians, staff members and program members for 8 weeks of rehearsal followed by a musical extravanganza.

Artreach's Artistic Development Program offers year-round classes/groups in writing (poetry, prose, character development, scripts, comedy); guitar lessons; and periodic classes in African drumming, Improvisation, and Songwriting. We are particularly interested right now in Songwriting for Social Change.

Artreach's Wellness and Recovery program includes opportunities for members to improve their physical health and to enhance the quality of their lives through holistic wellness classes, and social events such as outings to local theater, concerts, and sporting events.  Our newly developing holistic wellness program will include Mindfulness meditation classes (evidence-based stress reduction program!); gentle yoga; walking and nature appreciation; and healthy cooking classes. People with psychiatric diagnoses die on average 25 years earlier than the rest of the population. We are committed to the health and well-being of our members, who have a lot to give to society. We want to keep them healthy!  Healthy people use fewer resources, and among this population, are very generous in offering peer support to others on the path to recovery. When we keep people well and happy, they help others become well and happy.