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Creating opportunity... One stitch at a time Tax ID 27-2460832


Seeds to Sew International is a non-profit organization with the mission of improving the lives of women and girls in disadvantaged communities through education and job skills training. Our goal is for the women and girls in our program to use these job skills to earn money and support themselves and their communities.


Currently, we are working with 2 different communities in Kenya.


Enkiteng Program teaches women how to sew, and we sell the product that they make in US. Enkiteng Giving Bags are rectangular bags adorned with ribbon, made from a variety of colorful, donated fabrics. They are an eco-friendly, recyclable, reusable alternative to wrapping paper and paper gift bags! They are unique, easy to use time savers, that are fun to give... and re-gift!  


Enkisoma Program -- girls who need a way to pay for school fees are beading jewelry in the traditional Maasai style.  


Kiondo Program -- this program allows impoverished women a chance to learn how to weave these unique baskets in the traditional Kikuyu style, while enabling the participants to gain skills, confidence and earn an income.


All net proceeds are returned to the women and girls participating in our programs and school fees are paid directly.


Your donation will buy sewing machines, pay for the shipping, and will allow us to help more women support themselves and their communities.


To learn more about Seeds to Sew and our programs, please visit our website


Thank you for your support!