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While you're reading this, there's a child being raised in public foster care.  You might have seen him at the grocery store...or maybe you saw her at your child's school.  But when a state takes legal custody of a child who has been abused or neglected, you won't hear them telling you what they need.  Confidentiality protects that.

Foster children don't have access to the same benefits as children living in their own homes. They tend to stay in the system for years without a sense of permanency; they lose educational ground while bouncing from placement to placement.  Friends of Children is working to level the playing field for them.

Friends of Children, Inc. is an independent, non-profit child advocacy organization dedicated to improving the lives of vulnerable children.  We’re a voice for children who have been hurt by the people they thought would protect and care for them.  Sometimes it was a parent...sometimes another relative...or even a foster parent.  When no one else is there to speak for them, we make sure they are safe, their voices strengthened and their futures full of promise.