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10K for Ten Thousand Homes

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June 13, 2012

it's getting hot but we're still running. Sunday's 5k with the kids is going to be a blast  See more


EVENT DATE: Aug 12, 2012

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Chris Larson



So....there is this really neat organization called Ten Thousand Homes.  They, like others, are doing really needed/wonderful/awesome/superhero like work for orphans and vulnerable children in Africa.  One of their projects is something that has hit a major heart string of mine it is their University Village project.  There is a lot of support for children now in Africa, there is also more work needed but there has been progress and I hope and believe that there will be continued progress.  Part of the reason that I hope and believe that is because I know of some great organizations that are doing wonderful work there.  Ten Thousand Homes is one of them and is one that I’m partnering with and hoping to take a more active role in their work and projects.

One of the areas of great need really anywhere but particularly in areas with high numbers of vulnerable children relates to the transition into adulthood for young people.  Today in South Africa when an orphan turns 18 their support stops and they are on their own, in many ways they are orphaned a second time and far too often they aren’t equipped to contribute to society.  There aren’t a lot of opportunities and too often they fall in cycle in a reoccurring theme that just perpetuates more of the same that continues to create orphans and vulnerable children in their community and OUR world.  This is where University Village comes to play- the vision is to create a community along with schools, training centers, mentors and leaders that will help train and equip these young adults so that they can become contributors to society, help them achieve their dreams and change their destiny and the destiny of those around them.  This seems lofty and it is but I know it can be done. I have taken an active role in doing similar things in my local community and other places in the US but I want to expand the horizon some and see young people globally have an opportunity to become who they were created to be and not have their dreams crushed because of their circumstances. I’ve chosen this particular project because I know the people involved, they are solid, I believe in the vision, they have a great start and this is something that I want to see come to full fruition. This isn’t something I want to support with my applause from the sidelines; I want to take an active role in making it happen.  Will you partner with me on this quest? 

My goal is $10,000.  $10k for me running a 10k for Ten Thousand Homes or 10k for 10k for 10k Homes.  It is simple really.  You’re sponsoring me to go run in a 10K for Ten Thousand Homes.  In my training, I’m expecting to run over 100 miles, which is 100 miles or more than I ran last year and many years before.  Right now, the thought of it makes me tired but I know that I can do it. Knowing that at the end, when I can run in a 10K race that raises some money for something that could really use it helps me to look beyond the tiredness, fatigue, laziness and excuses that I could come up with to postpone this for tomorrow, next week or next year. 

So we’re at the end, here are the finishing details- I’m going to train for a 10K, you all (or as my wife says “y’all”) are going to donate $10,000 or more to the cause and I’m going to run in the 10k and the end result is that we all win. My training starts March 25th.  I’m going to be running the 10k portion of The Hottest Half on August 12th, in Dallas. It’ll be hot but it is going to be so worth it.  My training plan ends in July and I plan on working on improving my speed in July and August.  I am toying with the idea of entering a 5k prior to the ‘big race’.  I’m going to be updating this site with my training progress, pictures and other fun stuff like throwing out some incentives- like if the total donations reach 200% of my goal or more, I could cut my dreadlocks off.  Now I’m not committing to that today but I’m open to suggestions on ways to motivate you the giver in supporting Ten Thousand Homes’ University Village.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for teaming up with me on a great cause. 


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