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Seizures Can Suck My V

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BENEFITING: Epilepsy Foundation


EVENT: Crown Rally 2017

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Philip Adams wrote -

Lilian’s Journey! 

After being told for many years that we would never had children of our own, in 2013 my husband and I were blessed with a bundle of joy. We were so excited to finally start a family. Lilian appeared to be perfect in all aspects. She was a normal healthy and happy baby. When she was about two to three months old she started having these weird moments where she would space out. Then she started making weird faces and turning red. We were so confused. What could be happening to our daughter? Not long after that she began experience other symptoms. The worst was vomiting. We made several trips to the pediatrician. Asking time and time again, what is wrong with our daughter? Each time they reassured us that she was fine. “Oh, it is just the rotavirus, comeback in two weeks. Oh, it is just teething pain making her face turn red come back in two week. Oh, she has acid reflux, here is some medication come back in two weeks.” Finally the events got worse she started having several incidents in a row. We recorded one of her “spells”. This time the pediatrician’s suggestion changed. He told us, “oh she is having a seizure. I am going to refer you to a neurologist”. That neurology appointment was schedule for 3 months in the future. By our count, Lilian had been experience 40 to 50 seizures a day. At times she would look like a zombie. Other times she would be fine. Before we could get her to the neurology consult she started having seizures that were longer and she stopped breathing. We took her to the emergency room in our home town. The doctor at the emergency room was going to send us home. “Oh she looks fine now, you should just take her home and wait for the neurology consult.” When the doctor left the room she had a seizure. Her dad flagged him down and he got to experience the event first hand. He left the room without saying a word. He returned about fifteen minutes later telling us that we were leaving the local hospital by ambulance. We were shocked. No less than 20 minutes ago, the hospital was going to send us home? We drove the hour to the local children’s hospital where Lilian was admitted. She was diagnosed with partial complex seizures, a form of epilepsy. These events have been very hard to control even with medication. We have made several trips to countless numbers of doctors and therapist.  Epilepsy is a difficult condition to treat. It is very hard to find information as to what to expect and treatment options. The most valuable information we had available was provided by the epilepsy foundation. We have used their wealth of knowledge to study treatment options and to keep an eye out for future advancements in this field.   

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