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I am a twenty-five year old industrious Jamaican woman (and a past student from UWI), earnestly requesting the aid with the ascribed fees for my surgical heart procedure (mitral valve replacement) to be conducted by the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI) by the given timeline of year end.
This surgical procedure is required due to my recent diagnosis of Rheumatic Heart Disease which has led to the development of the two critical and life threatening conditions; Mitral Stenosis and Mitral Regurgitation. These conditions have caused great deterioration in my quality of life as they have made it extremely difficult to engage in the simplest of activities for e.g., running a 4k charity race, climbing the fleet of stairs to get home, playing with my nine months old daughter.
Though, my doctors have placed me on diuretics (Lasix) and Losartan Potassium medications in an attempt to slow the deterioration of my conditions the risk of heart failure stubbornly looms at every turn. However, I am committed to fighting and being a survivor of this illness.
The mitral valve replacement surgery (as recommended by the team of cardiac surgeons) is extremely costly. The fees outlaid on the attached proforma invoice, is far beyond the reach of my family and I at our present financial standings. Thus, I am seeking your financial assistance for the much needed valve replacement surgery which costs approximately US$10,000.
I would be eternally grateful for any assistance given.
Thanks in advance.



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